Time to reboot! 6 stone down at least 6 to go!

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  1. Dawnio87

    Dawnio87 Full Member

    This is my second and definitely last attempt at a diary - cos this time I'm definitely going all the way!

    About me: 4th Jan 2013 I started doing SW from home. That day I weighed myself and came in at 25st 10lbs and I swear I almost broke down. At 5ft 7 I was morbidly obese, couldn't walk far without my legs and back aching, stairs were impossible, finding clothes was a nightmare. Enough was enough. I started the plan myself at home and by early September 2013 I had reached 19st 10lbs. I was over the moon.

    And...that's where complacency stepped in. I was by no means at goal but had lost so much that the benefits were already fantastic. I can walk miles, smaller clothes, feel better etc and I was in a new relationship.

    So, since then I've tried several times to start again with little success because my heart just wasn't in it.

    This week something has finally clicked and I am back to it! For real. So I bit the bullet yesterday and weighed myself and I am 20st 1lb. I am angry that I've wasted the past 9 months or so in terms of how much more I could have had off, but am massively relieved that I've only gained 5lbs.

    My target this week is to lose that 5lbs and get myself back down to my lowest weight on this journey. So my weigh in day will be a Friday.

    Thank you to whoever takes the time to read this and hopefully we can help and support each other along the way.

    I've finally decided no more excuses, I want results and you only get one or the other! Let's do this
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  3. Dawnio87

    Dawnio87 Full Member

    Food so far today:

    Omelette made with 2 eggs, chicken breast, green pepper, mushrooms, onions, tomato and low fat cheese (Hex A)

    2 clementines

    Dinner tonight will be chicken stir fry with onions, mushrooms, peppers, spinach, baby corn and mange tout.

    I'll fry this in fry light with lots of garlic chilli and ginger! Can't wait so yum. Maybe have some noodles haven't decided.

    Happy slimming
  4. staceyh100

    staceyh100 Member

    Well done in your loss so far

    I've had a rubbish weekend. I started in march n only lose 9lb I keep losing track. I really want to do it from now well morning ha I'm in bed now.
  5. Dawnio87

    Dawnio87 Full Member

    Thanks Stacey!

    It's been tough going sometimes but initially the weight falling off quick was a great incentive so it spurred me on.

    This time I'm back trying it 100% cos I keep envisaging getting into skinny jeans lol. Setting myself mini goals, at the mo I've a pair of jeans hanging on the outside of my wardrobe door and I'd say losing a stone would get me into them so I've my sights in that lol!

    You can totally do it, just draw a line under the rest and start fresh in the morning
  6. minigcat

    minigcat New Member

    I also have some difficulty with my weight loss, some this is good information for me at all, thanks.
  7. Dawnio87

    Dawnio87 Full Member

    Hi minigcat

    No worries at all we are all in this together eh! I'm constantly reading threads and diaries for advice, motivation and recipes!

    I also recently put a photo of myself at nearly 26st before I lost 6st last year up on the fridge lol ...remind myself of what being bad could push me back to and I've gotta say that is great motivation!

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