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times to have shakes?


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I have mine as if I'm having normal meals, so one around 9am, next at 1pm and my last lot at about 6pm. The rest of the time I drink water to stop me getting hunger pangs. I've found that fizzy water is easier to get through than still, but that's probably just me.
This diet is fab, just get throuigh the first week and you'll be fine. Good luck :)


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Hello Musicman. I personally drink 1 and 1/2 pints of water before my first shake at 10.30 am (my tea-break), then lots more water before my lunch, 3.30 p.m. (tea-break) then even MORE water before my dinner at 8.00pm and water after..... These times suit me the best, but you have to find what suits you. Best of luck, give it 100% commitment and come on here for encouragement and tips and you will surely succeed!!! :welcome:


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I used to have my 1s shake around the time I wake up which is usually around 10- 11:30am followed by my second shake at around 3-5pm and my last shake between 9-10pm.


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome musicman. I have my first shake at 8am, second at 1.30pm and last at about 5.30pm but you just take them what feels right to you. There's no set times but if I don't have my first shake quite early I do feel shakey and a bit dizzy if not before 10am. Just me though. Good luck, not that you'll need it.
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I've found if i have a coffee & pint of water first thing then i don't feel like i need my 1st shake until about 11. i have shake no2 about 4 and then last 1 at 8 or 9ish. i found thats the best way to hold off the hunger pangs n the night time munchies


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Hello and welcome.

You will soon get your own routine depending on when it is convenient to you and when you feel up to them. For me personally I have never been a breakfast eater and don't ever feel hungry till mid to late morning so I usually have my first between 11 and 1 depending on whether I am at work or not. Second around 4 or 5 then the last before bed about 11 - often made this a choccy one which gave me something to look forward to as I am a devoted chocaholic!!!!

Good luck.



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Helloooo :)

:welcome:to LT nes :)

I usually drink my first shake at 8am. Second around 12pm.

I split the third one in half and drink at 4pm then 8pm

I feel that helps to pace out my day so im not constantly thinking when is the next shake coming!

I hope that you will find the right routine that suits you hun :bestwishes:

Lei xxx


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i have my first one at 7.30 then my next one at 5 when i get home from work. I find i am not hungry until after I have had my 5pm one. This week I have been finding that I am not hungry for my 3rd shake and have forgotten about it. Which is not good. I seem to be better at the weekend taking my 3rd shake. Probably coz i have them at regular mealtimes then.

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