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Restarting to lose 4stone
Ah now this is something my CDC has encouraged me to sort out in order to encourage a change of habit when I go back to conventional food again.

Up until 10 days ago I'd have me first pack at about 2.30pm then the next at 6.30ish and the last when my hubby would have a supper of cereal later in the evening.

Now, I make a point of having a breakfast pack (I've never been a breakfast person in all my 38 years and that needs to change).

My next pack is still about 2-2.30pm as that's when I get home.

My last is at 6.30 ish which is dinner time in my household. No late night pack so I'm eating when hubby does. I don't need to and I'm setting that precedent NOW!

I have to have a routine for my packs as because I'm not hungry I forget them if I don't. That's never going to happen with conventional food!


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Ah now this is something my CDC has encouraged me to sort out in order to encourage a change of habit when I go back to conventional food again.

I think that's a really good idea! I tend to have my first at 9, second at 1 then 3rd at 6 - 7. I'm sure it doesn't matter when you eat them in terms of weight loss but I think it's better to get into a healthy routine.


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I usually have them when i'm hungry. Although I like the idea of setting out a 'meal times' x

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I have mine at set times. 7.30am 12.30 and 5.30pm it helps me to know when they are.

It also breaks up the day.


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Tried the set times today.
This was a no no for me.
I missed 2 alarms to eat!!
So again, I had packs at 11:30. 19:00 & 21:30

This will have to b how it is

chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
You can try it once and give up or you can accept there are changes to be made and work hard to make those changes.

Yesterday I managed to forget have my breakfast pack again (2 weeks into my breakfast promise to my CDC) and had forgotten to replace the pack I keep in my car so couldn't even munch that. This morning the alarm went, I did my usual by drinking a pint of water and then went to the fridge and quickly drank my tetra before starting to get ready. This is totally against my nature. I have never bolted food or eaten first thing or seen breakie as desirable (unless I'm at a hotel then I can't wait to get to the dinning room!). I expect I'll continue to struggle with breakfast but all I know is that my 38 years of not having breakie needs to change. As my CDC said, waiting till I'm hungry only results in me overeating when I do get round to eating. So I need to eat small amounts regularly so I don't get hungry and then overeat as a result.

It's takes more than a day to change.


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My CDC said to have my first pack at 11ish - but to be honest as I am stupidly busy in the day I tend to have my bar for lunch at 1ish, 2nd pack when I have put children's tea on the table at 5pm and the last pack around 9pm. When I start to step up I will then introduce breakfasts. This works for me as my weakness time was evenings, but not saying this is right for anyone else!

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