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Discussion in 'General Weekly Weigh-In' started by timetochange, 6 February 2008 Social URL.

  1. timetochange

    timetochange Member

    well my first weigh in, one week after I started my new healthier lifestyle is

    (extended drum roll)
    8lbs lost

    I'm now one pound under 19.5 stone.... which beggers the question


    further weigh ins on wednesday mornings:innocent0001:
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  3. sonkie

    sonkie Well-Known Member

    Well done on the weight loss.....excellent work.
  4. SammyMac

    SammyMac Well-Known Member

    Wow! well done :wow: 8lbs loss in your first week, thats fab, you must be feeling so happy with yourself. Are you following a particular plan? Good luck for the coming week - and keep up that healthy lifestyle!
  5. timetochange

    timetochange Member

    the only plan I'm following is after working out how many calories I need to maintain the weight I am at is to make sure my intake is under that. It's pushed me to actually look into how many calories are in each thing so I know that I have my intake down to just over 2000 a day as opposed to the 3500 odd I need to maintain the weight.

    Some might say I'm being quite anal checking out everything I'm preparing but I've even stopped snacking pretty much full stop, and when I do it's a cracker bread or fruit and as always, loads of water.

    I just need to keep it up and not give in to my weak willed nature as I have done with other things in the past, I keep reminding myself of my motivations.
  6. SkinnyMalink

    SkinnyMalink Well-Known Member

    Well done that's fantastic!
  7. timetochange

    timetochange Member

    Well it's been over a month, been too busy to get on here as I've started ice skating lessons and other things

    And todays figure is dead on 19 stone, it appears while fat has reduced I've built some muscle mass definately around the legs so it's all gravy baby :)

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