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Tinned Tuna

Having a bit of a blonde moment :rolleyes:

Is tinned Tuna a Speed or a SuperSpeed? I've got a list of S/SS but tinned Tuna doesn't seem to be on there. I'm sure I remember my C saying it was S/SS when I first joined, but I'm a bit of a ditzy blonde..

Trying to have as many S/SS as I can this week as I'd love a loss of 2lb or more at WI next Tuesday.

Thanks in advance xx
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I think its only fresh tuna not tinned tuna
Oh, I wonder what I'm thinking of then. I remember being told something specifically about tinned tuna. The mind boggles lol :rolleyes: xx
Awww :( I always thought tinned tuna was a s/ss too
I'm going to ask at group next week. I'm positive C said it was tinned tuna, and only tinned tuna. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't know where I'd have got that from xx
In the book, p. 17:

Tuna, canned - S
Tuna, fresh - nothing, NOT S/SS
Thank you, Ermintrude.

This is exactly why I should remember to take my book everywhere with me :eek:

Ooo I used to have it with boiled pasta, tinned tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and HEA cheese. That was gorgeous...other than that, its just on its own, lol x
Oh no, too much going on there for me. I like to keep things simple, plus I cannot stand warm tuna :jelous: bork xx

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