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Tins of chopped tomatoes ?


One last chance
Yes we are :)

If you look into your book, there is a recipe for curry and in the ingredients is tinned chopped tomatoes :)

I've been having them throught out my journey and have lost weight :p
I emailed my LL consultant re this and he said to avoid citric acid as it can take me out of ketosis , I then asked him what brands of tinned tomatoes were ok then as they all seem to contain citric acid - he is now not sure and is going to check with LL tomorrow - fingers crossed its ok as I bought 5 tins yesterday :)


One last chance
that's very odd because our book says we can have it :p


One last chance
just had a butchers at my book and in the vegetable section we are allowed tomatoes including puree and passatta. It shouldn't matter which brand u get because a tomato is a tomato lol.
I know what you mean and fingers crossed its ok and you are right a tomato is a tomato but the problem is the added citric acid in the cans - which is apparently a no-no on LL , what my consultant said was he would check with LL directly but he suspected that perhaps the volume of citric acid was maybe too low to make a difference - I really hope so as I have used them a few times x

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