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Tiny bum !!!

Yesterday I was at a BBQ party. There were a couple of those picnic tables with fixed benches which I used to avoid like the plague before LL. Squeezing in, hoping i wouldn't weigh down 1 side, worrying about getting up..............
Yesterday there was a little fold up seat with a heart shaped back and a tiny round seat part which I sat on. Someone said
"it's okay for you - you've got a TINY BUM" !!!!
Wow- another silent smurk and inside hug for me.

Still can't believe it.
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Playing the Angel
Awesome SB, and you gotta love the heart shaped aspect!!! It is such a revelation being smaller. I still can't get my head around it all. My sister and I were on a tour bus when we went over to Mull a few days back and previously we would never have fitted so comfortably, now we had room to spare !! I felt petite and lovely!! Loving your new outfits btw :) Heading down to the Charity shop in yorkshire later today, had a sneaky peak this am and saw some fabby bits!! Will be heading back to London with far more than I came up with!

excellent SB!
Don't ya love it when folk say things like that. Awesome. And so true! Enjoy the feelings SB. xx
I am not surpresed!!!! - you are only ickle little SB!!! :D :D

Love it!!! :D

(Not sure if I am coming tomorrow - C's mom had an injury and now has a prolapsed disc - dad had minor surgery having several Warthogs (as he calls them :D) fromhis back, so they are hurtin for certain.....I offered to come cook for them, so waiting to hear back. Will keep youposted! I miss you too!!!!!)

That's great SB and well deserved :)


Is back in the saddle!
Secret, silent smirks eh?? Great stuff!


...we're sinking deeper.
Lol don't you just love moments like that! :D
It's the inside hug that feels great, and you don't even need to explain to anyone else where you'd come from, or who you used to be... It's that silent personal joke of how slightly ridiculous it feels to be told something you'd never thought you'd hear a year ago!

Thank you so much ladies.
Jez, it must have felt so great feeling petite in the coach seat. I can relate to that - feeling squashed and uncomfortable, trying to breathe in and knowing you are crowding out the person beside you, especially emmbarrassing if it's a stranger, worrying that the seat belt won't do up, not putting the tray table down because it won't go flat.
I keep saying to myself that I'll keep a diary of all these things because I don't think a day goes by without a reminder of how it's all changed.
It's lovely not to see people eyeing you up and thinking "I hope that fat woman doesn't sit next to me"
I do still feel so sorry for other people still in that situation. I'm dying to say it doesn't need to be like that, but I can't. Hopefully one day they'll discover their own motivation and way to do it.

Jez, I'm dying to see ythe pics of your new outfits.:superwoman:

BL - So sorry C's parents are having a tough time.:cry:


Playing the Angel
SB hun

I am on the same track as you mentally, I wish I could go up to people and say "it doesn't have to be this way" but then I think how I would have felt if someone had said that to me. And realistically I wasn't ready before I was and had resigned myself, even told myself I was happy with being larger.

You are right, we should at least make a thread of all those secret old feelings we have all shared pre weight loss.

Re the clothes, I have to admit to being soooooooo naughty, have raided the charity shop again today so have loads and loads, when I am back in London, I will put them all on and persuede my sis to take some pics :)

Big hugs you tiny bummed thing :)


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