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Tiny weight loss - boohoo

Gadzooks! So today, at the weigh-in after 2 weeks (i.e. just starting week 3) I found that this week I have only lost 3 pounds. In a week! I am disappointed. I ate a chip on Saturday and was wondering if that would have affected it. I have been drinking 5 litres a day, and I have had an exercise session this week too. What did I do wrong?

To date, I have lost 15 pounds (1 stone 1 pound) in two weeks, so overall it's remarkable and exciting, but this week's loss (3 pounds comapred to 12 the week before) is a bit sobering.

I could lose that much on Weight Watchers...!

Any wise words?

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Strong women stay slim
Exercise , what sort have you been doing , i've heard that not to really over do it on threads on here . they say it does effect the loss


Strong women stay slim
I have seen posts , icemoose might know , i'm sure he has posted something on that topic before . someone else might know
Hey John :)

Welcome to the swings and roundabouts and joys of averaging it all out!
You couldn't have lost the total weight that you've lost in 3 weeks on WW's, that's for sure.
It's very tricky in the early days as mentally you want huge losses every week 'cos you're in abstinence, so you deserve it right? But it always - always - averages right out and sometimes you just can't beat the system!
I lost above average in Foundation - 5st exactly. And on the weeks where it's 2 or 3lb's and you're down about it, the following week you'll see above 7lb coming off - but it always always does come off, if you're sticking to it 100% (I won't mention the chip, but it did make me laugh!)

Cerulean has posted some fab stuff previously on the numbers game. I'm no good with numbers and just count downwards on my tracker. But there are some things that you just can't argue with, and that's the fact that this VLCD lark is 100% successful at getting the weight off - if you are 100% on the plan.

You'll have a big loss next week guaranteed. So please try not to feel down about it and don't let the voices get to you. They usually say things like 'what's the point?', 'I'm starving myself and only lost a measly 3lb', 'I might as well just have a blow out'...and other hugely unhelpful thoughts!

You're doing brilliantly :D

(And what was that chip all about?! :))
Hey there,

It is the very same for us all. We do exactly the same week after week but the scales do not share our consistency. It will come off but not always in the steady way we hope. I've had weeks where I have lost 1 lb and others when I have lost 6 but I have done nothing different. Most of it is down to water intake and retention.

Keep with it - you've doen bloody well so far!

Re the exercise...it can effect losses but only when you're turning fat into muscle. 25mins of light cardio is not going to have an impact on this area at all.
Also, you're so right to be starting some exercise now - you'll be so glad you did.
I started weight training at week 6. The fat burning is happening on the packs, but the toning and shaping is another story. It was the best thing I could've done as my shape is almost transformed, and now exercise is just part of the weekly routine.
Loads of LL'ers do a lot of exercise - just listen to your energy levels and do what you fancy. But do as much of it as you can!


Strong women stay slim
Thats all you can do is keep with it , it will all work out , they say a stone a month , which some people lose more than others , adter all got to be in it to win it !
I have no idea where my maths is, but it's not a tiny loss, it's a real loss. You have lost proportionately more fat this week than you would in a week of losing 5lbs on WW. And yeah - I've lost 7lbs with WW in a week. and lost about 21lbs in 6 weeks. And then I put it all back on again and more.

You have to keep thinking a week ahead, a single weeks loss means absolutely nothing. As long as after about 6-7 weeks you are still averaging over 4lbs a week you're going great guns (my average didn't drop below 4lbs a week until around week 20 I think - and it never dropped below 3.5lbs a week in over 6 months) If you stick to it you will lose 3.5lbs a week.

And no, despite what anyone says, the exercise helps and does not slow your loss. I despair of the counsellors who discourage it - LL quite clearly states that they want you to spend at least 1 hour 15 minutes a day walking. I did a 16k gorge walk in Crete whilst I was in abstinence, and I lost 5lbs that week. Keep hydrated and keep up the good work and you'll see the results over the next two weeks.
Just wanted to add my voice to this. The weight loss is guaranteed so long as you stick to the programme at an AVERAGE loss per month (for men this is 1.5 stone a month).
The first week on the programme that you have a weight loss that you are disappointed with, you feel crushed and betrayed. Then the following week when the scales tip in your favour you feel on top of the world again.
If it is any help to you, I fell into a big loss/little loss pattern quite quickly and one week would lose well above average and one week below average. The sooner you can begin to trust that although your weight loss pattern isn't very neat and tidy the weight IS coming off, the sooner you can relax and enjoy the ride.
I think you are doing marvellously and are on track to be an above average weight loss in foundation - you probably won't be able to relax until you see this balance out next week, but just ride it out and wait and see. I promise you won't be disappointed again.
in the meantime - stay away from the chips!!!!!!!! LOL
Hey John - don't worry! You know that bodies aren't totally logical and predictable - children don't grow at a smooth, regular rate, or even in proportion (ie the feet often grow first, or the legs get long and gangly before the rest of the body lengthens etc), but it all evens out in the long run. Well, in my experience, LL is like that too. Some weeks you can lose loads (though never so much as the first week, because there you're losing all your glycogen) and other weeks less. But it's all loss, and it's the way your body needs to do it. And I also think this is the fastest you're ever going to do it without damaging yourself - believe me, I've tried almost everything else! So my advice would be to keep on having the foodpacks and drinking the water, but don't think about it too much. Get busy with something else, and the weight will take care of itself. About the chip - well, it certainly won't help, but put it behind you and if you want maximum weight loss (and minimum guilt) don't play around with the food. Even if you are 100% virtuous, though, you may still have erratic weight loss. I'm on week 11 now and have never cheated but I'm in a 2-week pattern: week 1, lose between 1 and 2 lbs, week 2, lose between 4 and 5 lbs.

Maybe you could lose 3lb a week at WW (though being female, I never did - grr!) but you'd be surrounded by food and choices and for me the temptation to cheat and play around with points and allowances would be overwhelming, so I wouldn't last more than a few weeks. At LL we all have lots of weight to lose, so we have to commit to the diet for the long haul, and this is the best way I've found to stick to a diet and keep the weight falling off, even though the body acts in its own sweet (and sometimes annoyingly slow) way!

Well done on the exercise, and on your terrific loss so far. You're doing really well and next week you will probably have a good loss - though don't expect another 12 lbs! But even if you just lose a little, you're still losing and you will get to your goal if you just keep going... Best of luck!

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