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Tips against lapses

I just keep reminding myself how miserable I feel when I go shopping with friends and I can't get anything to fit, or when I go on holiday how awful I look in a bikini and how much it hurts when my legs rub together at the top. But mainly I think the sooner I lose the weight the sooner I can get back to a normal life and eat (more carefully). I want my social life back as soon as possible :)


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What keeps me from lapsing is imagining the look on my Mums face when I see her at my neices wedding in June - She lives in Spain now, so I don't see her very often - last time I saw her was Christmas when I was a hefty lad, and aim to be super skinny for the wedding.

Also, the thought of going into any shop and buying anything I want without being limited. That'll be sweet!

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Knowing that I will reach goal without a doubt if I stay on the plan is what keeps me from lapsing. I haven't yet, and made myself a promise I won't. It's not so much will power - just a state of mind. I kow I will eat again, so why bother now is how I look at it. Lapsing for me is just not an option. Once I put mye hea to something, I can do it, and that is how I have approached this. I have the knowledge it is temporary - so that makes it easier. I just want to see it through and never have to deal with it again. Knowing that this is the last diet I will be on keeps the fire burning strong. :)


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Very inspiring! Thanks! :happy096:


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Mine is the fact that I'm now in a 36 jean size as apposed to a tight 42, and the on-going complements I get from people, some don't realize it's weight but even a "your looking well" spurns me onwards to my huge goal of being smaller than I was when I was 12 years old!!


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For me it is similar to BL (and the others) It is about having goals that I know I can reach. I never forget the big goal, but have smaller goals too - each stone lost for example.

Success breeds success so thinking positively is key!


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I'm with Mike in the smaller goals - they really do inspire me. I've got a few per stone and I love them - means that I am very often hitting something or almost hitting something, gives me a great boost.

Also it's my 20th wedding anniversary in July and my 40th birthday in November and I just don't want to stand out in any photos just cos I'm the largest one there --- happy to just be one in the crowd or stand out because I'm the focus of the shot.


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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
LOL cheers Mike - yes I did ;) child bride ;) , glad that I did though and that we stayed together --- just as we were getting married a friend of mine split from her hubby and they'd been married less than a year - I remember thinking 'please don't let that happen to me and Ste' - luckily God was listening that day ;)

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