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Tips for holiday for staying on track


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Hi All,

I know it might be a bit of an impossible question but does anyone have any tips for how to stay on track on an all inclusive holiday? I am going for a week next week, and I really don't want to ruin everything, what with getting married in July, but its all inclusive!!!!!!! HELP!!!!
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Going From Flab to FAB!
Ummm all inclusive means your going to have everything you can imagine available! .... oooo you lucky thing!
No experiance of this but ummmm maybe have a large breaky .. fruits etc and then a light lunch, salady type things, and then for your evening meal eat things you know are low im not saying be mega strict as your on holiday! but just try and limit the damage! of course have desert etc but use your WW brain and try and go for the lighter option! as for drinks! i think vodka etc are low points maybe alternate a alcoholic drink and then have a diet drink ..

Not much help am i!? .. Enjoy your holiday where abouts are you going ?
Wow, planning on being good whilst on holiday - that's what I call determination!

I personally wouldn't be able to do it (crikey, I can't even be good at home, lol), but, if I was trying to be good then I would go for fruit or cereal breakfasts (avoiding the oh-so-tempting fry ups), go for a sensible light lunch (I think that following ww you do get a rough idea of what's good and what's bad, even without being able to work out the exact points) and then for dinners I would probably have whatever I wanted, but with lots of veg, then I'd try to eat all the veg so if I was full up it'd be the points I'd be leaving rather than the healthy 0pt stuff.

As for alcohol, I'd definitely avoid beer and cocktails and I'd stick with spirits with diet mixers or just wine (I know wine is higher in points than vodka etc, but it does the job a lot quicker, so at the end of the night I'd say it works out about the same, haha).

Have a good time though, don't let your diet put a downer on your holiday! ;) x


I think All-inclusive is the best for a diet!! That have lots of fresh fruit that would just take too long to prepare at home and lots of salads.
When I went on holiday last year I was having a fruity breakfast and a salad lunch. As you're on holiday, have what you want for dinner!!
As far as drinks go, they can usually make what you want. When I was away they had juices and fresh fruit smoothies!! I think gin and slimline tonic is good as it has so few calories!

Good Luck!
i love all inclusive,they have heaps of fruits and cereals yogurts,lunch there will be loads of salads just watch the oils,then tea have fish salad veggies.
Dont be to hard on yourself get plenty of swimming and walking.
Make sure you enjoy yourself.
Where you goin?x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Thank you all....usually I wouldnt care and would just get on and have whatever I wanted, but because of wedding in July, I have got to think thin all the time....I am going to Gran Canaria.....I have taken delivery of wedding dress this morning and it is loads too small, so I really do have to try and not put on too much on this hol.....maybe I am kidding myself....my family think I should just sod it and eat what I want on the holiday, but I dont want to undo hard work and then have to do it all again and start off from further up than now in the countdown to the wedding.....why oh why am I getting married with such short notice when I am a blimp?

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