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Tips to help on holiday


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Go out for drinks with people but stick to spirits rather than wine and alternate with diet soft drinks/water. When you aren't with friends/family stick to free foods and limit the Syns when you are out to dinner. 3lb isn't a huge gain after a holiday so that's not major and can be rectified in a week!


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A little of what you like... have fun and enjoy yourself. You don't have to stuff yourself full of everything to have a good time. Share a dessert if you have to. A few mouthfuls is better than depriving yourself. Have steak or roast chicken or something if you go out, instead of something in an oily/cheesy sauce - and order vegetables or a salad. Your friends will say "wow, that looks healthy" and they'll be impressed! (And of course, if you pinch just a couple chips from your mate's plate, it has half the calories :) )

Oh, and Jack Daniels and diet coke is a nice drink... I can tell you! ;)

It's a special occasion... so enjoy yourself. It's not like you're going to stop eating healthily forever. It's just a few days!
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You only have 7lbs to get to your target, be strict this week to try to lose some before you go and then enjoy your holiday, that's what holidays are for!, a 3lbs weight gain is nothing, I can easily gain 10lbs on holiday but get straight back on it when I get honme and its off again within a couple of weeks.

Most people who don't have weight problems gain on holiday anyway, it's really no big deal as long as you get back to normality when you get home, just enjoy yourself, life is too short to be stressing over a 3lb holiday weight gain

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