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Only tips i can give is stick to it 100% and try to drink at least 3-4ltrs of water a day.. I drink sparkling water as i find its easier to drink

After the first 3 days it will be like a walk in the park.

Good luck on your cd journey xx


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I can only tell you what worked for me.

Space your water out throughout the day and keep sipping, I feel less sickly that way. The first 3 days you do feel hunger and some people have carb withdrawal, I only had the hunger whilst my body adjusted. In order to take my mind off this, I treat myself to a hot bath, did a home facial mask, home pedicure etc. I just try and distract myself, usually by coming on here as eveyone knows what you're going through.

Try not to avoid every social situation otherwise you feel angry towards the diet. Remember it's a choice and if you have a blip, dust yourself off and get right back on again - try not to beat yourself up (I'm such a hypocrite for saying that - you should see yesterday's diary and you'll know why!) Speaking of diary's, think about starting one, that way you can record how you feel etc, always good to go back over when you're having a bad day to see that you can do it and to look at on a good day to spur you on at how well you are doing.

Have a look at the before and after pictures - they never fail to amaze me and motivate me. Above all, get posting and enjoy watching those scale numbers getting lower and your clothes getting smaller. The feeling is fab! Good luck xxx


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Totally echo what the others have said.

At the beginning of the day I fill up a 4 pint milk bottle with water and try to space it out evenly. I've not done the last week and a half and have totally mucked it up - so going back to what I know works for me.

Good luck xx

Lisa D

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I've been on CD a few times but never lasted more than 4 weeks, but every time I start a diet again I always end up coming back to CD because I know it works, this time i'm determined to see it through.

Good luck!!

lunar jim

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Where do you spend a lot of time, gorda; home or work? I work from home so I spend most of my time there, I found a Brita filter jug saved my life! Every time I felt peckish I just poured a glass straight from the fridge. Just make sure the jug is kept topped up! :D

The other thing is identifying the worst time for eating crap and replacing the food with another activity. My OH used to work evenings and I'd sit at home after the kids had gone to bed and pick. So I bought a couple of new games and gave the Wii a good bashing while she was at work. I'm not suggesting you become a Hardcore Call of Duty addict :D but if you can find a food replacement which works for you then go for it!


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Yep, ditto what the others said about water. I can only drink mine at room temperature so I fill 2 x 2litre bottles at the beginning of each day and let them reach room temperature, then I have a glass every time I think about food. Also, have a small supply of paracetamols in for the first 3 days - you will probably need something even with all the water. Good luck xx


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To get through the first few days keep yourself busy, and try and avoid the TV (food porn is everywhere). Once you have done the first few days it is a piece of cake (not literally), and the cravings miraculously disappear.

If ever motivation is flagging head off to Next and try on a pile of clothes in various sizes, it is really motivating to fit into smaller sizes and it is suprising the sizes that actually fit.

Good luck.
Hey guys

Thanks so much for your replies, really useful!! I can't wait to get started now! Will take all your advice on board - lets hope it goes well.

Thanks :) xx

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