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tired despite 10 hrs of sleep = hungry?

I honestly don't know the difference between hunger and being tired. I slept 10 hours last night, so I shouldn't be tired. But I woke up feeling really weak and tired this morning and so I associated it with hunger.

So I ate more than my allowed plan to get rid of my feelings of tiredness. It worked, I have so much more energy now and am not feeling tired......but did I do wrong for not sticking to the plan?

Is feeling tired part and parcel of being on the cambridge diet? I sometimes felt so weak that when I stood up I would feel giddy.
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hoping for a good loss
Looks like you are just at the beginning of your Cambridge journey. Am I right? How far into it are you?

Until ketosis hits you will probably be tired and hungry. Once you are in ketosis most people say they have so much more energy. Might be a case of riding the storm for a few more days hun

Charlie x


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When I started I used to feel very dizzy - I think its all do with carb-withdrawal. Just make sure you drink enough water and take it easy. Don't try to stand up too quickly. Don't overdo it when you are feeling a little bit funny. I used to feel dizzy lying down - it felt like being drunk!!

These feelings do pass - just be careful.

I am in week 3 and still feel dizzy and weak, and absolutely starving, and really really tired despite sleeping nearly 10 hours each night. I think this is part of the diet process for me but losing the weight is more important to me and if I have to put up with the side effects so be it. I also cannot afford to waste £40 a week just to eat stuff I am not supposed to. I need this weight of as quick as possible so I can stop paying that money!!


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Me too - I'm sticking to this because I'm only going to do it for November - I can't afford to do it in December because of Christmas. Everytime I hand over my money for my products, I think of a Christmas present I could be buying!!

I so don't want to waste my money that's why i'm trying to be sooo good - i've only got a tiny window to lose weight.
Tiredness can be from so many things including oversleeping - maybe 10 hours is too much for you? Patient.co.uk is an excellent website and has information on combating tiredness.

As for hunger - true physical hunger comes on slowly over a period of hours while non physical hunger tends to be much more immediate. There is an acronym used in behaviour therapy called HALT to work out a trigger for behaviour... are you Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired? Working out the true underlying trigger is a big step in stopping comfort/reactionary eating.
Sorry gals and guys
I couldn't stick to the plan.
Couldn't take the feeling of weakness and tiredness and dizziness.
Even more, I couldn't take the negative feelings that I could usually drown out my eating food.

So I'm going to use my cambridge meal plan as a framework of how many calories I am getting a day.

Thanks goreygirl for the advice. I will try using HALT whenever I feel like eating beyond normal amounts!!

Good luck to you all who are stickly solely to your plans. I am so impressed with your willpower and determination. I hope that I am still welcome into the CD forum.....cos you guys give me so much inspiration. =)
When I did CD last time I was tired almost constantly...but then I am/was tired every single day before that anyway due to a)being fat, b) having 6 children LOL.I don't think I've woken up with any ind of energy for the last 10 years,so being tired on CD makes no difference to me :)

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