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Tis the season for new hair do's

Hey everyone I just want to say "love the new images" Anna, Beki, Emski.
BL FAB new photo x See you 2morrow? and everyone else choosing new frocks, images, hair colours and posting updated pics,as well of those of you lurking and looking, but not posting !
I used to be 1 of those too.
Go girls and boys.
Sorry I haven't got time to mention everyone by name - got to get ready to go out. So much energy now, so much to do, making up for lost time.

Lots of love to you all xxxxx:busted::whistle::wavey::party0011:
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Yep love the new photos BL - you look great :D
Thanks SB, my hair is actually needing a wee trim again its getting all untidy!

You and BL have both done an amazing job, real inspiration. Both of your pics are amazing!!

Thanks ladies! :) All this talk about hair is making me think I really should get a haircut. Its been YEARS since I have had a professional one - I just lop at it myself now and then. I am such a wimp - I'd rather go to the dentist!! :D Maybe I will just get a trim. :D
I hate getting my hair colored as it takes SO SO long, in the summer I always go blond but I loath the sitting about for hours.

However BL, your hair deserves some pampering! Its been thru a lot with you over this year, treat it to a deep condition treatment, a trim and lovey blowdry!!!

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT NOW, in a swish salon!!!
Yep I think you should go get your hair done too BL - that way you're 'done' from top to bottom. I'm like you in that I hate the hairdressers but I don't know why cos I always like it when I come out (hope that's not tempting fate!!!). I let mine grow to below shoulders and then get it chopped off ---- so go on, treat yourself and your hair :)


Guess who's back...?
Only just seen this thread - it was swept over onto page two - damn us hardcore thread starters!! Haha...

Thanks for your kind words SB - as Beks said - you and BL are up there on shiny glittery pedastals in my eyes - and you are great role models to look to when the going gets tough.

All this image reinvention is a bit loopy - I've never had the luxury of 'choosing' a style - it's always been whatever Rogers & Rogers/Elvi had in stock - and that's it. I am now going so far the 'other' way, I feel like a bit ultra 'trendy' - I wear leggings every day for god's sake!! BIZARRE!!

Righty-o then - I'm off to get my eyelashes dyed. I kid you not. And then next Thursday I'm having my nails done... then that HAS to be it, otherwise I'll be poor and miserable and won't be able to buy nice clothes for Christmas/New Year! :D

x x
lol Anna. Thanks for your kind comments. Happy if we help in any way at all!

Hey - where do you get your leggings? All I can ever find are the kind that are really just ffotless tights, or with stirrups. I want a pair of leggings that are a bit sturdier fabric that can be worn as trousers really, with a tunic or something - know what I mean?




Guess who's back...?
Yup - that's exactly the sort I wear... I got a few pairs from New Look - and one or two from Matalan... they are hard to find - I usually have to end up asking the assistants and they take me to the back of beyond to find them... but they are ace with dresses/long jumpers and big boots at this time of year :) x


Fighting Demons....
I too am in the land of the leggings! I bought two pairs from New Look Inspire and I have another pair on the way from the "normal sized people" New Look store!! That there is a milestone for me. I can start shopping in the normal store and not be relegated to the Inspire section in a corner at the back!!

B x
Yeah Ilove leggings under a denim skirt or a short dress.

I get mine from Topshop, Peacocks or Zara. The more expensive shops you pay more for them but they seem to last forever. My black ones from topshop have lasted over a year!
Everyone looks so fantastic, I don't start 'til Jan and I am already getting excited thinking of new looks I could go for!!!



Fighting Demons....
Right, I have just been talked in to doing something just a little bit drastic to my hair!! I won't spoil the surprise, you can all see a new me next weekend!!

I dunno what I am thinking!! This is going to be fun!

Oh, and no. I am not doing a Britney!!

B x

PS: Anna, you inspired me to make a change!!
oooh Bek's, I'm all intrigued now! lol can't wait to see your new 'do' hun, I'm sure it'll look lovely :)

and not a new hair-do per-sé (jeez, whats with all the hyphens in my posts tonight??? :confused: ) but I did kinda, sorta have a shave..... aargh, I don't like it! :rolleyes: but it's not as a bad as I thought it'd be...... (pic in album :eek:.........)
That counts as a hair cut

Hi Pete,
It does count. You look FAB. XX:smiley1842:


Fighting Demons....
Pete, face hair is hair, and it has been cut. Thus u have had a hair cut, and this can be interpreted as a "hair do". There. I justified it for you!

And you look wicked anyway!!

B x

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