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TMI...A&E...Sharing is caring...cheers huns!x You're all blinkin fab!


OK guys....

just been to change tampon and it isnt there...WTF????



this is really embarrasing but i really dont know what to do!

Oh crap just as things were going so so well..............
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Busy busy busy!!
Are you sure it did not come out in the toilet bowl???

If it is lodged up inside you - you MUST go to A&E and get it removed - however embarrassed you are ... as otherwise you can get Toxic Shock Syndrome. They will have seen this and worse many times.

Hope you are ok.


Okay, the tampon isn't there or the string isn't there? Was it an applicator tampon or not (applicator tampons tend to sit higher inside the body)?

If it's an applicator tampon it's quite possibly still there, but somehow the string has come off. If you can't find it on your own, Beverley is right, you should go to A&E and get them to remove it.

If it was a non-applicator type and it's still there you should stand a much better chance of getting it out on your own.

If it had actually left your body you'd have felt it, so my money is on it still being in there.

Oh, it's so difficult to put some of this stuff delicately!

Don't panic, though. Also, try taking a hot bath and having a search for it before going to A&E, but don't leave it that way overnight.




Could cry.......................

Must try something..................dont think i can go to a&e, have sons mate here and her mum will be here any minute and prob stay for at least an hour plus hub not here...oh crap crap crap crap crap


Busy busy busy!!
If your son's mate's mum there - ask her to stay with your son.

Really this is important you get it out. Kate has given you good advice above - but if you can't find it - you must go to hospital hun.


To celebrate my losses!
Ring NHS Direct 0845 46 47 and they will advise you. You will probably need to get it removed but they may be able to advise you on trying to remove it yourself.

Don't panic!!


try one foot on toilet and other on the floor
insert index finger and thumb and have a good fumble around using pincer like action & whilst pushing like when you have a bowel movement
This worked for me................hope it works for you


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You've been given some good advice here! Can't add anything really, but poor you!!!


I had this when I was about 16...was horrible! went to the docs, nurse removed it. Wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't have her daughter grow up with me.....her and my mum were chatting away like we were in the pub!!?? eeeeekkk!! not pleasant


Please let us know everything is okay. You know I don't live all that far from you and could probably come and give you a lift if you needed it.


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Are you ok now, hun?

You've had some great advice already - personally, I would get into a warm bath and try to remove it in the water..

Please let us know if you're ok.....



Ladies..its 3.30am..Im not seeing too straight thanks to a couple of vodkas..been putting world to rights with my neighbour who has just left!

OK will tell more about visit to A&E tomorrow but basically Im fine..No foreign bodies!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all for your concern...

Catch up tomorrow...