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TMI but..



I will never give up
Hi personally i havnt but do know people that have been through this. Hopefully it will pass.
Cheers...good to know it's no just me :)
yup it definitely happens... and boy are you glad to be at home when it hits :D
Put it this way, in the past on VLCDs Sudacrem has been a VERY good friend of mine :eek:

Had two or three dodgy days during the first week, but just the opposite this week :eek:

After nearly three weeks have still got growls in my tummy loud enough to wake the dead especially noticeable, for some reason, at bedtime!
Well it makes a change not to be my snoring keeping him awake :)

Don't think I'll ever be able to drop off again without the sound of an emptying drain soothing me to sleep!
Oooh I know about the grumbly tummy bit! Our stomachs actually constantly make that noise but it usually gets muffled by food. When our stomachs are empty we hear it and thats why we equate it with hunger.
Urgh, Ive got the dodgy tummy now:(. I took the small boy over to Portsmouth today and felt it starting as we were heading for the ferry home. Thankfully it held off until I was in the house but now I'm in and out of the bathroom:eek::eek:
You have my sympathies!! Mine passed fairly quickly....no pun intended :)
I think I'm empty now, lol!

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