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TMI post - not for those of a delicate disposition!

You have been warned!

Doing really well since starting back two weeks ago - 9lbs off. But feeling really bloated and as if my intestines are burning or inflammed. Not constipated or anything, but feeling uncomfortable, cramping and absolutely huge.

The second week I was having alot of chocolate, * week, and lost 3 1/2 pounds. Didn't expect it at all, what with feeling the way I did. This week, I've had six great days, but all with this inflammed bloated feeling, like a water balloon. I put up a pound on the scales - gutted! But I'll take it as bloat. I'm more interested in finding out if anyone else has had this, and if so, how do you get rid of it?

Thanks x:wave_cry:
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Hi, i had this last week i had been 100% following the plan i looked pregnant and had put on 1lb. I had eaten lots of veg and speed soup so this week i had a Red week i weighed in tonight and lost 2lbs, my bloating went down after a few red days.
It may be worth you trying a few different days, it worked for me


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It should go in the next couple of weeks. I had terrible bloating and actually felt bad on sw...but feel great now. Just takes a bit of time to settle your body xx
Had this the other day! Just HUGE bloating! I couldn't wait to pass gas!!! (Sorry) felt better the next day. But I feel for u! Going for a brisk walk will help to get the gas moving. So go for a walk and a few toots! Lmao
Thanks for all the replies girls, I can only imagine that this is what pregnancy feels like!
Think it could be just detoxing, I've got that metallicy taste in my mouth too. Gonna up the water intake and try to imagine it as all the toxins from 15 years of biscuits and cakes leaving my system:wave_cry:, revealing a slim toned me...

Feels cr*p though!!


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I had this yesterday, my stomach looked huuuge! (not that it takes much to look huge mind you)
I think it may have been because I ate pasta the night before and I find I need to avoid it
It feels better today though.
Going up a pound may have had something to do with the choc from the week before though .... Quite often an undeserved loss can catch up the next week.


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Also perhaps get your iron levels checked as that can cause a metalic taste in the mouth. Or take amultivit with iron. When i turned veggie last march(its been a year now) my body did the whole swell up and go yuk for a bit.When i started sw i just got horrendously constipated which was a bit rank. Drink lots of water and watch your salt intake, if you eat them things like mug shots, pasta in sauce and all that are high in salt and can cause water retnetion due to the salt levels.
I think the metal taste is Ketosis, it's when your body starts burning fat reserves over Carbs, not everyone gets the taste even tho they are losing weight. I've had this taste now and before and it does go away.
Harrigoose said:
I think the metal taste is Ketosis, it's when your body starts burning fat reserves over Carbs, not everyone gets the taste even tho they are losing weight. I've had this taste now and before and it does go away.
Oooh, that is interesting H, cos I still have that taste, ESP after a nights sleep, feel totally dehydrated, like a cold would. Must look it up online. Thanks xx
I have a major intolerance to onions and this sounds like a mild version of what happens to me when I eat them. My stomach bloats making me look about 9 months pregnant but as solid as a brick. I get really flushed and slightly shaky. Sometimes coupled with a killer headache. Only cure is about 3 hours of drinking hot water and lying with a hit water bottle. It can happen immediately or gradually over a couple of hours depending on the type of onion. I can't eat anything that's ever been touched by a red onion but cope pretty well with Spanish onions if they've been cooked a long time in a soup or sauce.

Wonder if it's worth looking at what you eat prior to being bloated and see if it's one food type bringing it on.

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I had this issues... I tried to up my fibre intake I started eating Sainsburys wholegrain fruit and fibre... OMG!,! It did the weirdest things to my stomach! It sounded like a gurgling drain and. Had the worst wind and cramps ever... But needless to say it got me moving well again lol!!

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