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To all us returners....


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I've done vlcd before long term very successfully n a few short term dabbles not so successful. I was wondering, do you think our bodies can become accustomed to these vlcds? I mean it's always harder after the first attempt I know but I'm really struggling like my body knows what's coming n isn't having any of it...... Or maybe that's my brain

I weighed in admittedly only after 4 days to a pretty poor loss n thought maybe I won't get the big losses this time round as my body knows what to expect n will work harder to hold onto all those fat stores...... Maybe that's a bit negative, in fairness I did gain quite alot of weight in a short time due to some personal stuff n the general concencus seems to be if u gained it quickly you'll lose it quickly.... So who knows!

Just wanted to put that put there n see what u all thought
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It will even out, don't forget that the first weeks loss is water. The key is to figure why you put the weight back in, emotional eating is so common.

Stick with it and try and make a plan as to what you'll do when you have lost the weight. Nothing more depressing than losing alot of weight then banging it all back on.

Just think how proud you were when you lost in the first place and remember that feeling for motivation xx


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I kept the weight off just fine without trying too hard n found my complete abstinence of food changed my appetite for the better, but recent events have been awful n I medicated with chocolate n wine so here I am

Hopefully not this time though. I must say although I want the weight off I don't feel my hearts really in it at the moment. Hopefully a good loss soon will change that

Thanks for replying
I medicate with chocolate too :) usually if hubby is working away or has a night out I order takeaway. It's so hard getting out of bad habits (especially when they are so good!)

I had a little cheat today, hot dog at a works BBQ but its the first in 2.5 weeks. Back on it tomorrow, I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would :(
I don't think it's harder or easier regardless of how many times you've done VLCD, if your heads not in the right place it will feel like a struggle, if it is in the right place the days just seem to fly by.

VLCD works if you stick to it, if you stay 100% you get results, if you don't the results are not so good. I think it's all very black and white in my head!!
Hi shell, a good loss or not so good if your thinking negatively it won't matter. It won't be enough.

Relook at your goals, why you want this, and remove the negativity from around you.

You have lost over 3 stones already, that is amazing!! You can do this, you have done this, and you will do this but only when you want to do it

Wishing you sincerest best wishes


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