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To anyone on AAMW this week!!


try, try & try some more!
Any of you guys nervous about the WI!? :ashamed0005:

I have to say i am a little worried, I don't think i've been this nervous since my first WI!! I have felt like i've been cheating all week having chicken etc... It's crazy!!

Not sure if i'll do it next month though... Well anyway got my weigh in tomorrow so the wait is nearly over!! lol :crazy:

Good luck to the rest of ya!!
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Don't be nervous, as long as you've not had a whole chicken each night you should be fine, lol. My AAMW losses are the pink ones in my sig and some of them have been better than normal SS weeks! You just don't know until you get on the scales :)

Good luck :D


try, try & try some more!
well looking a your AAMW you did very well indeed... i hope for a little of that same success!! :D

I did the meals like the book altho i weighed the chicken, fish raw so once i cooked it i had a little less than 50g or 80g... a bit gutted, as i had already cut them up and put them in the freezer for each day!! :doh:
You didn't do wrong, hun--I think they're supposed to be the raw weights anyway. So well done you--and best of luck for weigh in--not that I think you'll need it! :)


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Yes that's right, it's the raw weights. I've re named it add a mouthfull in my house cos let's face it, it's no meal :D


try, try & try some more!
Yes that's right, it's the raw weights. I've re named it add a mouthfull in my house cos let's face it, it's no meal :D

:rotflmao: I hear ya!!
It's my first AAM too, and yes I'm very nervous about my WI! I've been having a spoonful of cottage cheese for my lunch at work, or a smidgen of chicken for my evening "meal" but it seems so wrong to be eating anything!

Oh well, we'll find out tomorrow won't we - I'm hoping to have lost 3lbs to take me to the 2 stone mark!
I feel the same about WI but they may have something to do with the fact I may have sometimes kinda dis regarded the recommend amounts have had a little scale peep this morning and things are not looking good for this week
I think that you will all be pleasantly surprised with your weigh-in's after AAMW.
I lost 6lbs when I did it on week 4, but since then, have yet to achieve another full week of SSing!!! Also, I have decided not to do AAMW again and have got the permission from Dr to keep SS'ing.

Good luck with your weigh ins all!!!


try, try & try some more!
Well had my WI after my AAM this week and lost 5lbs!!! so pleased!!

go guys you might be suprised like i was!! :D


try, try & try some more!
Yay go Rade!!! Well done x
Good luck cor for your weigh in!! maybe the nerves helped me lose a few extra pounds!! so they might be a good thing!! lol... :party0048:
There you go!!! Well done on the loss!!!
Told ya :D

Well done hun!


try, try & try some more!
thanx lily :D

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