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To anyone who has lost a lot of weight - loose skin.

Hi all

I know that we have had lots of threads on loose skin and how to prevent it (if that is even possible) but can people who have lost a lot of weight tell me if they had loose skin and if it was bad? Really I want to know if the horror stories are true, or rare or common.

I have 5 stone left to lose and I started with 7 stone to lose. I am 5 foot 7. Anyone similar who has or hasn't ended up with loose skin? If you didn't what did you do?

Really grateful for any input.
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Hi Anna!

I still have 7 st to lose but I can already see the sign of loose skin on my stomach :(. It is just at the bottom, above the pubic area :sigh:

One of my friends lost around 7st with a VLCD 4 years ago, and she didn't have any on her stomach, but had some on her arms.

I am very scared of this too, but I would rather be healthy :rolleyes:

It would kind of make sense that it depends on your body shape I guess. If you are an apple with a big tum it is probably more likely you will get loose belly skin but if you are a pear then maybe you get wobbly thighs.

My bum has been my biggest bit - whilst I have lost a lot of my tum so far I dont have loose skin yet.

From reading about it though it DOES improve as the skin catches up so just because you have it now it doesn't mean you will still have it in a few months. I guess it is a how much will it improve question?

But like you say Elie far better to have a bit of loose skin than be fat. Lets face it - slim with loose skin looks better in clothes than fat so it is only undressed it is an issue and lets be honest how many peeps see us naked?


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S: 20st3lb C: 18st4lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 1st13lb(9.54%)
You are right Anna. And loose skin can be repaired, whereas your health is your most precious investment (I am CD brainwashed :giggle:)

I hope it will go back to its normal state. I am not really apple shape but for some reason I have this loose skin at the bottom. I am bio-oiling it like crazy!
Hiya, when I first started LL people told me I might get loose skin and at the start I didn't care to be honest. I was so bothered about losing weight that skin was the last thing on my mind.

However, now six months in and nearly 9 stone lighter, the skin has become an issue. My stomach, the tops of my thighs and my arms look pretty awful to be completely honest with you. But I've not lost faith, because its been very quick and I'm going to give it a good 12 months for the skin to shrink back in to shape. If that doesn't happen, then I'll definately have surgery to get rid of it.

Yes its a bit unsightly now, but I don't think its a big deal. Losing the weight was the big issue, this is just a sideeffect.


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Im really scared about loose skin, what about skin's own elasticity? im quite young so do you reckon that will make a difference?


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The way I see it, if you don't want loose skin, lose the weight healthy and steadily and not quickly. Also do loads of toning up to aid the skin to 'snap back'. Toning will also help in the addition of muscle so the loose skin is filled up. But I think the major factor is definately how quick you lose it. A steady loss of 2lbs per week when you get to a reasonable weight is perfect.


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Well, there's a thew things that can effect how bad your loose skin is. Nutrition (make sure you get all your vitamins, EPH/EFA's, etc), genetics - some people just have more elastic skin than others, age - skin becomes less elastic the older you get, and how fast you lose the weight.

But it's pretty hit and miss, I've seen people lose weight really steadily over many years and still end up with bad loose skin, while some people crash diet and don't have any. I'd say the most important things are how big you are to start off with, how long you've been that size, and genetics.

Don't let the fear of loose skin put you off of weight loss though, I have it pretty badly (I lost around 130 pounds in around 8 or so months), but I'd pick a little loose skin over being fat again a million times over.
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I'm loosing weight for my wedding in June 2011, I dont want lose skin but I need to lose 9-10 stone so im resigned to the fact that i probably will have!

I've bought a body brush, bio oil and am joining Curves as well as using my running machine and cross trainer, as I figured Curves would help me tone up as I go along?? I still know I'd rather be skinny and "skin-ny" than fat and flabby! so im just gonna take it as it comes....i dont think i'd ever have the money to have everything done if i end up having alot of excess skin, but im DEF gonna start saving for a boob job now. Well done on your weight losses! You're all my inspiration xx


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id just say what i feel , ive lost 7 stone i have some skin issues but id rather be slimmer with issues that can be fixed then fatter and unhealthy... :)

i still have 4/5 stone to go.. =[