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  1. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hello, i wanted to send you a private message to discuss eating normally after SSing and long term maintanance, but i cant seem to do that. So i thought i would get your attention this way, lol.

    I noticed you have a muslim name and I was wondering if you were of of Indian/Pakistani ethnicity?? (sorry if that is rude to ask).

    I am asking because I am Pakistani and after i reach my goal weight and finish the programme, i am really worried that i will not be able to eat homemade curries etc again.:(

    So i wanted to ask you what kind of lifestyle (only regarding diet) did you take up after losing your weight on CD?? Do you completley avoid indian cuisine and stick chicken/fish/veg (all cooked in ahealthy way), sandwiches and things you ate during the higher cal stages of CD or do you try and make healthier versions for what you used to eat before?

    I am assuming that you used have a similar diet to what i would usually have like, curries, chappaties, brown rice etc. If you didnt that i am sorry for this thread and i am very :eek:

    Obviously i know that i have to try not go back to all the fried foods like kebabs and stuff but i really like my curries and chappaties and i dont want to cut them out completely.

    I would appreciate any advice.

    Well done for reaching your gaol weight by the way :)


    ps, if anyone else would likt to offer some advice, that would be fab :)
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  3. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Hun, My cdc is asian and has no problems maintaining, I dont know the ins and outs but I do know she has curries etc, I think she has changed the way of cooking them a little, less oil, more tomato etc.

    As with us all it is taking stock of what we like and eating moderation and healthy, sounds so easy !!!!

    It is hard, Im not gonna fib, but look at healthy foods, maybe search online for lower cal alternatives and you will be ok x
  4. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thanks for your post :) . I am just abit worried because it is difficult to cook healthier versions and find recipies for healthy curries etc. We tried really hard to make our diet more healther after my dad had a heart attack but it was really difficult. We are still experiemnting with things.

  5. natayou

    natayou a bit different everyday

    Hiya maybe, I know Azar is seeing clients tonight [me being 1 of them] but I am sure he will be along soon xx
    He will definately have answers for you
    nat xx
  6. Azar

    Azar Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hi Maybe_Baby,

    Thanks for asking and as Nat just said, im always around to ask questions. Thanks Nat

    Having been through the weight lose with Cambridge myself i can say for sure that once you complete all the stabilisation steps and move onto maintenance, you should be ok.

    You are right, Im from a Pakistani background and our normal foods include currys chappatis and brown rice etc, not mentioning all the social events that we have to go to, birthdays, weddings etc(Totally fattening food). But what i have learnt from the stabilisation stages with cambridge diet is that i dont need to eat in the same sort of amounts that i used to eat pre CD.

    I normally eat currys and chapati's daily but only to an extent to where i feel my stomach has had enough and not until my plate is empty (which i used to do before)

    I see that its only been your 1st week on Cd yet so i wish you good luck. Carry on SS until you are about 12lb away from your target (or until bmi 25), and then make sure you complete the diet by moving on to add a meal, then 790kcal, then 1000kcal, then 1200kcal and finally up to 1500 kcal, staying on each step for at least a week each. PLZ PLZ PLZ make sure you do these steps 100% as in the weight care with cambridge book (the yellow book), so for t hese few weeks, no Asain food!!!

    Remember that people from different backgrounds have different eating paterns and eating habits. Its for you to make the decisions and to keep at your target. Losing weight i easy its maintaining it that some people find hard. But i believe that if i can do it then anyone can....

    If you need more info or help then just post here or phone me and i'll be happy to help. Im on the cambridge website under south east london. Phone number is there.
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  7. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thank you so much for your reply Azar. I know i have only just started SS ( in 2nd week now, woo) but i really want to plan ahead and make sure that i know what i will be eating after i finish the diet so i can maitain well.

    I definatley intend to stick to the stabilistaion stages 100% from the maintatinance book because i do not want to gain any weight back. But i think my first week without any spicy curries etc had really been tough. I seem to be really craving them alot and it doesnt help that my mum is always cooking, lol.

    I think i will take the same approach that you have mentioned and work on my portion control. I too always used to finish whatever was on my plate (parents encouraged this too) but i think if i use smaller plates (so i dont waste unwanted food as parents dont like this) it will help alot.

    Soical events are so difficult to try and avoid food, especially when some people consider it rude not to eat the food they offer. But i usually just avoid them anyway, apart from Eid parties and birthday parties.

    I know it will be tough, but i am hoping that if i try to learn portion control and try to eat more healthy food like more fish, veg and fruit, my taste buds will chnge and i wont crave what i used to.

    Thanks alot for all the support. I really appreciate it :)

  8. Azar

    Azar Cambridge Diet Counsellor


    I believe you should be ok, mainly because your planning ahead and thats always going to help you.

    As i did mention earlier that the whole point of the stabilition stages is going to be so you dont have weight rebounding off of you when you do eat. You have to try to change some of your eating habits here as well so be prepared. Maybe writing down what you normally eat and then shortlisting the things that you want to keep out of them.... eg ( chocolates and biscuits etc etc). Obviously your not gonna stop eating curry's and chappati's so just eat less of them, also try chewing eat bite aprox 20 times.... that normally helps to eat less!!

    Anyway, good luck and im here if you need me
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  9. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thank you. Because i am only on week 2 of SS i am still thinking about my food alot and craving it all the time. I am hoping this will get better with time.

    I think i will try the list thing and see what i normally eat, things i like to eat and see what i could cut out or find healthier versions for.

    Thanks again xx
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