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To Continue or Not

I'm looking at my losses so far and really impressed. Jumped on the scales today and since starting I've lost 16lb.

So I decided to go to the gym and talk to my mates at the gym. Got my bodyfat percentages checked and I'm currently at 28%. They recomended against continuing the diet and reckon that if i stay ketogenic and increase my protein intake I wont put the weight back on, and continue to loose if I stay in calorie deficit.

Not forgetting that 2 of these people where nutritionists and not just pharmacists I think I'm going to heed their advice. Please be aware that I'm NOT telling people to stop doing this diet. So far I've found it very difficult. And when I say difficult I mean VERY difficult. But in my personal case I think I need more protein than these shakes are allowing. I shall be staying with low calorie intake (approximately 1,300 - 1,500 per day).

I must say their are some VERY inspirational people on here. I know summergurl did this diet and lost a lot of weight, she stuck to it to the letter for MUCH longer than I think I ever could.

I'm going to hang around on here for a bit longer. Just to let you know how my ketogenic continuation is going combined with lower calories. Just incase anyone is interested.

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best of luck to you hun and hope it works out for you x
i think lipotrim is either for you or not,and by the sounds of it,it wasn't suiting you.
you had an amazing loss this week though.well done.
it can be hard but i found its gets easier and 'normal' after the first week or 2.


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Good luck with the low calorie high protein diet. I get the feeling that you are interested in the muscle building side of fitness, which you obviously can't do on the vlcd. But you can always give it another week and then switch, cos the more weight you loose, the more muscle you see :D
Thanks :)

Yeah, I feel I am more into the muscle building than just pure weight loss, more going on body fat %'s. The problem being that though I weigh a lot (and I know that this may sound like crap haha) but I have a lot of muscle which weighs a lot more than fat.

I DO have a lot of excess weight, (approximately 70lb of my body is fat) but their is no way to loose ALL of it so think I may have been aiming to high with my loss aims. I reckon realistically the maximum I would be aiming for is 47lb (that would take me to 10% body fat which is well below average!) but still leave me weighing almost 16 stone! Which may seem like a lot but as I say, I am carrying a lot of muscle!

irish molly

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It sounds like you have it sussed. LT is not for everyone. Your low calorie protein based diet sounds the better option, particularly when it is on the recommendation of nutritionists who know you and your lifestyle. Lots of luck with it.
Thats what I'm thinking. I honestly dont think I would be able to manage this for as long as required. Possibly a month maybe 6 weeks, but the low protein seems to be really affecting my lifts in the gym in a negative way. I dont feel able to lift anywhere near what I used to when I was high protein.

Just going to keep the calories low, protein and fat high. Simple atkins but lower calories :)

Think I might make some beef meetballs tommorow night without sauce haha. Perfect to sit and relax watching TV.

Also, for anyone interested Im going to combine this with the warrior diet. Which is eating very low ammounts of calories during set periods and increasing to high ammounts during a set of hours on a night. For me this will be between 7 and 9. I'll keep coming back on here and let people know how I get on as warrior seems to be something that not many people have heard of.

On a side note the book can be read online. And. If you do a search on google for "warrior diet" you'll find hundreds of testimonials. Ill be staying ketogenic though and combining the two :)


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Good luck MYK!!!!


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Best of luck!!


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Well done on your losses so far MYK! Fantastic!

You seem to have your head screwed on and know where you want to go. So I said go with what you're most comfortable with.

I have lost so much muscle! I think my body is crying out for protein as I work out a lot. Looking forward to building myself up again.

Good luck with your plan and please let us know how it's working out for you.
Well, last night I started warrior dieting. Ate between 7-9. I'm staying ketogenic while I do it and was a little bit worried to be honest about adding weight on first. So. I figured if the weight was going to go back on I may as well try and keep deep in ketosis with very high fat and high protein while keeping carbs to a zero. I mixed 4 tins of tuna into a bowl, drop of olive oil, 100g (thats a quarter of a jar) of garlic mayonaise, and 100g of mozarella cheese. Ate all that and sat back rather satisfied and nervous of the scales this morning.

Well. Another 3 lb loss has certainly put my mind at ease. So today I've gone and bought 1lb of lean minced beef and mixed up some meatballs with egg, cheese and a drop of nandos extra hot sauce (total of 3g of carbs for all ingredients). Cant wait to devour them tonight with 2 chicken breasts.

I think my body is happy for the protein as well as my lifting today has certainly increased!

As a treat (being the odd fellow that I am) I'm going to buy myself a unicycle. haha. May sound odd, but the balance required is good for the core muscles, and the peddling is good for general exercise. I must be crazy! haha


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eurgh myk, lol 4 tins of tuna????? Thats gotta be the worst breath ever lol... watch with the tuna tho, really high in mercury which isnt so good, think your only supposed to have a couple of tins a week or something, 4 tins in one go????? i am fantasising about food and tuna but even I couldnt go 4 tins.... I love tuna, with cheese and two poached eggs with a wee bit of pepper.. nice... or chicken breast with cheese, pepper and a poached egg, mmmmm STOP TASHA STOP LOL.... x
I heard about the mercury content being a worry, but I used to eat 8 tins a day and never had a problem so not too sure what to think about it. I eat a lot of tuna though because of the high protein low calorie content. But with trying to get my fat intake up it would have been hard on short notice so a load of mayo helps. lol.


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Best of luck.


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:giggle: it's nice to have a mention! hehe

:eek: :eek: 4 tins of tuna!!! :eek: :eek: Were you not absolutly stuffed after just say 1 tin after being completly off food for 16days?! :eek:

But, good luck with it chuck, im sure you know but beware those damn carbs if you arent following the refeed - if your going to have them introduce them slowly and in small quantities.

Be sure to keep us all updated with how you are getting on :)
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I like your plan - good luck with staying away from carbs xxx
Today had some cold meatballs and some chicken breast stuffed with cheese and nandos sauce. Deep in ketosis still! Also threw in a green salad which was lovely and treat myself to the following (picture attached). Figured it would be a great way to work the core muscles and also loose some extra weight in a fun way! haha. Yes I do feel a bit mad, but theirs a local club that ride, and I've always been a bit nervous about joining clubs but with the weight that ive lost its given me a confidence boost so thought I'd give it a try! :D


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Hi myk_22

The basis of your diet sounds similar to what I'm doing (minus the warrior bit and uni-biking - I'm much less hardcore :) ).

I'm doing low cal, lowish carb too (and the higher protein that goes along with it). After a long period of ill health and little activity, I'm hugely interested in building/keeping lean mass too. I'm posting over at the SBD board because what I'm doing feels most like that diet I think.

I'll be reading your posts with interest to see how it's going. Good luck.
So far today, I got up and had one egg. Haven't ate anything since but will be having a green salad between 7-9. Thats all I'll be eating today and I dont feel hungry. Started off on lipotrim but as far as I can see a small ammount of weight that is put back on after finishing is due to food being in my body, though I've lost that weight now due to loosing more weight and I've also stayed in ketosis so the weight hasnt come back on. Its quite nice to see that even after such a big loss in a short period of time their is no sign of it coming back. I'm just looking forward to tommorow when I have a nice piece of pork I'm goign to cook for tea with a salad!