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To exercise or not

What do you guys recommend.

I've just rejoined tonight and am pretty sedentry (apart from running after 2 kids under 5)

Last time I did no exercise but still lost but I think I need it this time? Will my losses be bigger or does it make a difference?
Whether or not it helps with weight loss, exercise will make you fitter and feel better.

It's always worth doing, whether you are dieting or not.
I love my exercise now that I'm doing it regularly. I joined a gym (DW sports) which includes free classes and pool, and that's just what I need. A variety of classes so I don't get bored - some Aerobic (calory burning) and some toning. I always feel better after I've been, really enjoy the classes, and I've started thinking of food as 'fuel' rather than just an indulgence, so naturally make healthier choices.

Whatever you choose, it will need to fit into your routine, and price bracket, and be fun. Good luck finding your time, place and activity xx
When I done sw in 2004 the weight "fell off" and the only exercise I seemed to do in general was leisurely walking.

Fast forward to regained weight plus more in 2010, so I rejoined sw last September. I swim 100 x 25 lengths twice a week, walk at a good pace on a daily basis and walk the dogs after tea at night and I am struggling to lose weight on a weekly basis. I seem to lose 1lb one week and put on 2lb the next.
Last Saturday I had a bad day for the nibbles and grazed all day dreading the weigh in on the Tuesday. On Sunday night I decided to have a jog on the little used treadmill I have, I spent 30 mins jogging away with sweat pouring off me. I was surprise when I lost 2.5lb at weigh in this week, what with all the junk I ate on Saturday. But I do think that although I do the swimming and walking, which I must say has toned me up, You do need to do some sort of exercise that gets a sweat up. Needless to say I intend on pounding the treadmill at least 5 times a week in the hope that my weight will start to come off.
Hi violetwind (thought it said violentwind to start with sorry):eek:. i work as a domestic cleaner so im on my feet from school drop off to school pick up and i dont drive so i walk to the houses some take 30 mins there and same back with abourt 3hrs cleaning in between and thats all weathers i really think this helps my weight loss although sometimes i wonder if my body gets used to the routine and will stop making a difference lets hope not.
Ive been power walking since i started last July but now started cycling as well, also have recently started jogging but i can see a different in my legs and tum ... they are toning up really well so i think thats how exercise is helping me xxx
i've started a routine of 15mins on a treadmill every other day. And the days in between i take a 15min brisk walk outside. Helps the oxygen intake on the outside days and pure sweat on the treadmill days. ill keep you informed whether its helped this week.
Bit the bullet and started small.

Took myself and the dog out for a 25 minute brisk walk and left the OH to get the kids into bed :)

Have to say, I loved it and looking forward to it now for tomorrow. . . I've a sneaky feeling the poor old dog is too :)
Well done - a sensible way to start off. And, I think little and often s better than blitzing it once a week.
Before you know it, you and pooch will be jogging round the block!!


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