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To full up for shakes??

hey all liponians!

i have an interesting question to ask
im in my third week and ti be honest am finding it strangley enough all to easy dont seemto be having any effects(I.E, headaches,hunger,constipation) and i am finding it hard to remeber to have all my shakes! im having to force them down me! and a few day this week have realise the next day i only had 2 the day previous, is this what usually happens or is it going to creep up on me the hunger headaches etc?
just wanted toknow if anyone else went thru this , not that imcomplaining, im just worried it will creep up and bite me on the a55!! :confused::confused:
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TRYING to be patient!!
yeh you deffo need to be havin a 3 shakes lovie, not only so you're gettin all the right levels of nutrients but like you say, you never know if hunger will suddenly spring up on you! :) i found it a bit weird in the beginning remembering how many shakes i had had...so now i put 3 on the kitchen side in the mornin so i keep track. well done for doin so well so far x

Yummy Mummy in the making

TRYING to be patient!!
dont think so chick, have them whenever you want. dont suppose they take much digesting like food does, thats why they say not to eat late at night...you dont digest it properly so tend to store undigested food as fat...something like that anyway :) i find it better havin my last one at 7 so my tum isnt too rumbley at bed time haha x

Yummy Mummy in the making

TRYING to be patient!!
yeh i totally agree with you there! makes you feel more alive in a weird kinda way. i was just startin to get real hunger pains in bed...prob cos i was havin my last shake at about 4.30pm haha DOH!
Lol I like that rumbly feeling as well, I get it at bed time. You must eat all your allocated meals pet as you will actually lose less, I will come and force feed you if you dont!
I also never got any side effects except the hardest poo in the world lol xx


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i think i actually forgot to drink 1 shake a couple of times, cause i wake up at lunch time lol :cool:
but lately i've been starving at night..i don't know what's wrong


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Hey Jen I was like that early on as well, I would forget about taking my shakes and then when I remembered it was time for bed, but I still took them even though I was on the loo all night

I suffered from headaches and dizziness at the beginning but I just took some painkillers for the headaches and drank more water and I was grand!

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