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To introduce myself


Positivity is the key
Hi I am Doirin and discovered this site by accident and am really glad.
Some friends of mine are on the lipotrim programme and doing well, so I have researched it to within an inch of it's life and feel ready (almost) to jump in and start.
I have a serious ammount of weight to lose and have spent the last 20 years trying to do so.
I am tired of trying to get to a weight that I will then be able to do all the things I used love to do when I was younger, swimming for one.
Just wanted to say hi and to say I have spent the last few hours reading the threads on here and you are all amazing people with fabulous inspiring stories. I look forward to talking to you all once I get up and going fully.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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Welcome and good luck on lipotrim, its a great diet once you get over the first few days. I dont really need to wish you luck, it definitely works as you will have read from the threads.

Dont be afraid to ask for any help along the way.


Getting thinner everyday!
Big welcome to you.



Here we go again!
Hi and welcome. If you do start LT you've made a great decision.

If you stick to it you will lose all the weight you need to. This is the best diet I have ever been on and can't believe how much weight you can lose on this in a short space of time compared to other diets.

Good luck and keep loggin on here for any advice or support.
Welcome and good luck. The first fortnight is hell but after that it gets easier. I managed to stick to it for 8 months without much hassle.

How much are you looking to lose? LT is the best diet if you stick to it and this site is a Godsend to keep you on the straight and narrow, offer advice and celebrate your losses with you.



Positivity is the key
Hi all,
Thanks for the messages, Cuddlyfairy I need to lose 10 stone at least - so a big goal, but since I started reading on here I no longer believe it to be impossible. It has always seemed so daunting before but now I think it may be possible. Fingers crossed.

Hey Doirin:)
I just started Lipotrim on thursday, I too have over 10 stone to loose. This last few days has really not been that bad although due to the buckets of mint tea ive been drinking has given me mint tea flavoured indigestion lol!!
If your feeling motivated then give it a go:)... x


Positivity is the key
Hi cheekychick81,
It's amazing to 'meet' someone with the same plan, normally I feel like the biggest one in every diet club I've used. It's great to come on here and see others who not only are large but not afraid to say it as hopefully it won't be for much longer. I would never tell anyone my weight at home and how much I need to lose, even if they guessed it for themselves, too embarassed, but hopefully not for much longer.
Good luck with your losses.

Hi Diorin, good luck I have lost over 3 stone so far and have a fair few stone to go but breaking it down into chunks, I'm on my second challange another 3 stone by end July, stick on this and the weight will drop off, get your head in the right mind and focus on your goals, i look forward to seeing your results :)


Positivity is the key
Hi Loulouless,
Do you stay on it but work on focussing on smaller goals, or do you come off it for a while once you reach each target?
I lost 9 stone so 10 is doable. It is easier to stick to it until you reach your target because it can be hard to restart as your body knows what is coming!

I set myself about 25 mini goals and most weeks I managed to achieve one. It was things like down into the next stone, losing another stone, BMI going below 40, 35, 30, 25, etc It meant it was easy to keep on going coz another goal was very close. At the start I never thought I'd do it and only planned to do 8 weeks as a kickstart but by then it was easy to stick to ad I hang in there for the longhaul!

You can do this and we will be here to help and encourage you through it.



Positivity is the key
Thanks cuddlyfairy,
it does seem to make sense to break down smaller goals, as you say it must be uplifting to see a success each week. Thanks for the tip.

Hi all, I'm starting LT this thursday, so i'll be joinging you all on here for moral support. The first week of LL wasn't too bad as far as I remember so I'm hoping that this will be much the same
Hi, no I did not mean to have a break but struggled for 4 weeks but thankfully have now got back on it fully just over a week ago without too much damage, ideally the idea is to stick on it and having mini targets and rewards are a great way to keep motivated, first stone, second stone.....3 stone, get to size such and such...you choose what ever is going to keep you on track and motivated.

I really do wish you luck by losing just over 3 stone already I feel better and people are begining to notice.


Positivity is the key
Hi loconnor83
good luck with the start, looking forward to hearing how it goes for you
3 stone - that's such a fantastic achievement already, it must be great when people start to notice.


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Hi doirin
Welcome to the site and good luck with your weightlosses. It's amazing when you get into the swing of things how the weight drops off. Just persevere for a while and dont give in when it gets tough. You wont regret it. xx:):)


Positivity is the key
Hi Binger,
Thanks for that - and 70lb you must feel like a whole new person - it's fantastic. I am going to sleep now and dreaming of a whole thinner me in the future.
Goodnight and thanks everyone for the messages of support, they have really made my mind up to start next week. Can't wait for the chemist to open on Monday


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hey welcome and good luck i cant thank this diet anuff my self it reely does what it says it will do


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You have come to the right place, i tried diets in the past and havn't been successful unlike now, i think what we need is discipline and support, which is what we have with Lipotrim and minimins, keep us all posted and good luck, this is the best thing you will ever do

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