to join a group or do it myself...


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If you're not motivated enough to go it alone, give group a try. I do it at home, but I'm in the right headspace at the moment to do that so it's working. If you don't like group you don't have to go again, but at least give it a try a couple of times if you think it will benefit you! :)

I know lots of people are nervous before they first go, I know I definitely will be if that time ever comes - if my losses come to a standstill for example - I'll be terrified, but I'll go because I really, really want to lose this weight.


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If you're struggling by yourself you really do need the help and support of a consultant and group. I know it's hard when you're a newbie but everyone there is in the same boat and I bet you anything after a couple of weeks you'll wonder why you were so nervous. Joining a group is one of the best things I ever did, I gained a new 'family', learnt loads of new recipes and hints and tips and am well on my way to target having lost 9 stones. Give it a go, you've nothing to lose!


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I too am trying to do it at home with my old (very old book) and the guidance of this forum, BUT i have decided to join the local class this wednesday, I need someone weighing me, I need the help of the leader, I need to lose this weight and not sure I can do it myself!
If after a while I think I can go it alone, well I will cross that bridge when it comes, I am very nervous about walking in on my own, but at the end of the day, everyone there is there for the same reason as us, so take a breath and get in there :0) we will be fine x x


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It sounds like you could do with the support a group would give you, if only for a while.

I think it would be a good idea to phone the consultant at the group you're thinking of going to. That way they will be expecting you and keeping an eye out for you when you arrive.

When you get there on your first night you (and the other new members) will be taken to one side, offered a tea / coffee, and asked to fill in some basic membership forms, (including the details of your GP - I couldn't remember mine so I must have been a bit nervous as well!!). The consultant will then give everyone their packs and go through the plan.

After that you'll go and join everyone else and they do image therapy, going round the room asking each person how they got on last week / if there is anything they need help with or ideas for. (This can take a while and there is clapping involved).

At the end of the class the new people go an pay and then get weighed. When you get weighed no-one can see / hear your weight except you and the person operating the scales. Your weight will NEVER be told to anyone else.

I hope this has put your mind at rest. Everyone is very friendly at group (unfriendly people really wouldn't like it there!! lol).

Good luck - let us know how you get on.


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Give groups a try, everybody is in the same boat and people are very friendly. You'll end up loving it!

Good luck!


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Awh thanks everyone , it is a struggle to be honest on my own, especially because i live at home so my mum never understands and always makes me things i can't eat, like roast potatoes! So I've told her that i will make my tea from now on Haha! I found a class around the corner every Tuesday night so i think im gonna join!!


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if I hadn't been to group I would of defiantly given up by now ! I was so scared of going but found a friend to
go with and that helped loads xx


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If im being honest, iv never liked going to group, it just isnt my thing. Before I was pregnant, I did it at home on my own and this forum for support. The help I got from the guys off hear was amazing and there was no question I couldnt ask, I genuinly couldnt have done it without Minimins.

Iv now gone back to group meeting as I stopped SW, but found im putting on far too much weight with this pregnancy and already have 4 stone to loose, without any extra baby weight on top, but the main reason I went back to group is becouse im pregnant and wasnt sure how to follow it when expecting. I found a small group on a Tuesday Night that was in a small church ....Small = less people. The second week I went, I had to go to a diffent meeting & have to do so for a further 2 weeks, its in a school & much bigger & to be honest, I hate it. I lost 2.5lb last week, & whilst I know its a fantastic accheivement & dont get me wrong, im over the moon with it, I hated it when I was centre of attention while she mentioned my loss & I could have just died when I got a round of applause.

Group isnt for me, If im motivated enough, as I am now, I can do it from home with Minimins, but untill youv tried it you will never know. I would say definatly go to group & give it a try, if only for a few weeks while your new, least then yopur Consultant will be checking your meal tracker every week to tell you ware youv gone wrong or how you could improve


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I joined my local group 2 years ago, went for a few weeks but had to leave on medical grounds & stopped doing SW altogether. Later on that year, after surgery, I started doing it on my own at home & managed really well & got to target. Unfortunately, following another bout of surgery I piled on 2 of the stone I lost & again am back, doing it from home! With the help of this forum, I get more info than I ever did from group & it really wasn't for me. If you have the motivation, will power & are armed with all the relevant info you need, it can be done. The only criticism I have of this site is its additictive!!!!!!!!!