To join a gym - or not!


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Hi fellow inspiring LL'ers

Well after watching extreme slimmers last night I am now wondering how my skin will be after I lose my weight. Didn't think I could afford to join a Gym at same time as paying for LL but my hubby has told me to join if it makes me happy.

Question is - do you think it is too early to join while still in abstinence. What has everyone else done? I really need something to shift my tummy.

Just now I am walking 30 mins 4 days per week at lunchtime, 1-2 1 hour walks per week, 2 days of 30 mins on Wii fit and I join a kick boxing class on Friday (dreading it but my brother teaches it and is desperate for me to join). None of this seems to tone up my tummy though (or my thighs come to think of it!)

Would appreciate your views.

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Careful you dont do too much it can have the adverse effect on weight loss where the body panics and thinks its starving, it therefore holds the weight.

Just do it lightly about 20 minutes at most


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I would recommend joining a gym, I joined my works gym 2 weeks ago and go twice a week and swim at the weekends.
Just start gently. I have maintained my weight so far....


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Hi K

Go for it, particularly if OG agrees in fact better still get him to pay
Youve lost over 3 stone already so I would definately recommend it
Im only in week 2 but still did a Spin class last night and loved it
Try a gym with lots of classes to keep you stimulated
Pilates is great for toning and core work

Good luck