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To Lose Long Trek appears to be losing the plot .... please help me to help myself!!

I have to date lost 48 weighty pounds since starting on 7th Jan 2008. I was unswerving in my battle until just this week. It started with a salad on the slopes at lunchtime and I have had 5 of those now; the rest of those days I stayed on the diet. I had family and friends over for a week's holiday and boy - they were eating and drinking and although I managed most of the week without going off the rails, towards the end of the week I was sampling their gin & slimlines. (As a bit of a laugh really - or so I thought). On their final night I had two gin & slimlines. They left, I was still losing weight, I shared a bottle of champagne with DH - only meant to have one glass. OOps I had two. Last night I had two g & t's and today I have had two bars, then when I was out at the shops - bought a small punnet of raspberries (one of my favourite fruits) and then bought four miniature "things" from the boulangerie. Two mini pain au chocolat and two mini pain au raisins. My plan was to have one of each and take the other two back to DH as a treat. They never arrived. I scoffed them in the car, in just the way that I used to before the diet.
I am not looking for a sympathy vote; I am jolly scared of the consequences of my actions. I came home and promptly had some g & t and then another two. I seem to have gone bonkers and after facing the difficult week with family so well. What worries me is that I need to reeducate my thinking on the subject of food and I dont have the tools in place to make the right decisions. It isnt good enough to lose the weight it has to be the thinking beyond the diet that will help me (and others) to maintain the reduction in weight.
I would be so grateful for any well meaning advice on this subject; I have a good track record until this week - so havent been playing games with the diet - UNTIL NOW. I am not proud of myself but disgusted that this is happening now. I can and will get back on track but how the blazes do I manage to stay on top of this situation.
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Hi Di
not sure why some of us have this urge to binge at times ..... especially when we've been particulrly good for so long. I was great on hols - then came back and scoffed cakes all weekend, resulting in no weight loss this weekend. It seems we can self sabotage. I'm not sure what the answer is ... other than to find something else as a "reward" or treat instead of food. I've always looked at food in an unhealthy way ... and somehow need to just look at it as something to power my body. My ex eats to live - where as I use to live to eat.

No advice i'm afraid ... but do empathise.
Hi Di

Sorry to hear you are struggling at the mo. Not sure I have anything helpful to offer. What emotions are you feeling at the point you decide to eat or drink, is there something else going on in your life that is causing you to turn to your old friend? Has something changed recently?

Big HUGS xx
Sorry you had such a hard time. It's happened to me as well after getting really close to goal I fell off the wagon and it's been hard since then. I think for me I did really well at SS for ages but having the smallest thing completely changed it because I fell i nto the trap of - well I've eaten now so today is ruined, may as well have what I like and start fresh tomorrow. This pattern has continued for months. Today I am not going to do that. Hopefully you can figure out why you ate and if not, try and remember how you felt when you first started and what kept you strong then. It can also be difficult when you get near goal as you don't feel as bad about your weight as you did back then.

Wish you luck today, Kerrie x
Just a thought, but I wonder if the drink is more of a problem than the food. Please don't get me wrong, I don't mean a problem in the sense of you have an alcohol problem. I just mean that once we have a drink, its all too easy to have another & then our ability to withstand the temptation of food fades away and we are more hungry the morning after. I speak from experience as I know this is my problem. When I am stressed (or indeed when I am relaxing LOL), I like a glass or two of wine. Food really isn't a problem for me when I'm not drinking at all, but it seems to become a problem when I am not abstaining from alcohol. I had a very very bad week last week, where I felt I had gone bonkers. One of the reasons I can do this diet is because you can't drink at all.

Also, I can see that you are not so far away from goal. You must feel like a completely different person now - so much better than you did before. I think it gets easier to accept yourself and therefore easier to let the diet slip. Again, I speak from experience as I gave up about 10lbs from goal around Christmas.

But really, should you be beating yourself up? You had friends round for the week and I think you did very well to cheat as little as you did. Some CD dieters are able to go through without cheating at all but most of us can't. Try to tackle those demons and get back onto it now, rather than have to restart later, as that is much harder.

Thank you FFGE, Porgeous, Jem, Dancing, KerrieW, K-Nine for your most helpful comments. I realise that in the short term I can recover from this situation, albeit a little testy at the moment but I really do worry that I am not developing the necessary toolkit to prevent disasters in the future. For me it isnt enough to just lose the weight; I have done this once before with LL. I didnt put in place the means to prevent the weight piling on again and not only put back on what I had taken off but added another 50% weight gain on top. This is not a game I like to play, I would like to learn how to cope with the issues that make me do this. I know this means changing the habits of a lifetime, but if anyone has any ideas on how I can achieve this;, I would dearly love to hear from you.
I can easily see now some of the things I failed to do in reaching this stage of disappointment - I had cut down my water intake for example, I had given in to the odd temptation, but I dont know whether I can always remain so focussed not to fall by the wayside. I really would like to develop some coping strategies, so that I am not always confronting my demons. Yo-yo dieting is not a good coping technique for a happy balance in weight control.
Di - have you thought about maybe getting professional help??? Maybe hypnotherapy??? or CBT from a trained counsellor???

I had hypotherapy last year for relationship problems with my mother ... with huge success. I'm also wondering if I could do with either a top up of some coping strategies. I was watching that programme last night where people only eat strange foods .. last night the guy only ate biscuits - and they had a psycologist to give him coping strategies to eat certain foods - I wondered if they had a reverse solution for me with stopping me eat biscuits/cakes/bread ....

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