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Extra Easy To many carbs............?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by luisa71, 29 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. luisa71

    luisa71 Full Member

    Hi all I've eaten a little differently today than usual. I follow extra easy but only really eat the 2 slices of bread (heb) and potato, unless having spag bol. Anyway, for b/fast I had 2 slices wm bread (small) baked beans and mushrooms, lunch was 100g pasta with a roasted tom sauce (free) and for tea I've had chicken chow mein (approx 1 sheet noodles) I also had a coco pops cereal bar (4syns) as this is not what I would normally eat in a day, I just feel a little carb heavy. Sorry to waffle.
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  3. jen3

    jen3 Silver Member

    I have one meal carb free a day as I tend to bloat with them if I have a lot. I know sw say you can eat as many carbs as you want on EE but I wouldnt lose doing that
  4. kisforkelsey

    kisforkelsey Full Member

    I found that i've had to try and cut out carbs, like jen3, for at least one meal a day or i'll just bloat and i won't have as good losses at WI, even though i loooove bread and pasta and could eat it all day haha! When i spoke to my consultant she did say that although potato/pasta etc are free foods to still be careful cos they do sit quite heavily with some people, and i guess we're in that group of people! :)
  5. Everyone is different. Some people can eat a lot of carbohydrates, some can't, If what you ate made you feel unwell or uncomfortable, or seems to interfere with your weight losses, then it was too much for you personally.
  6. projectp23

    projectp23 Member

    I do not eat hardly any carbs in the day, but at night- woah I eat a lot of them. I wonder if I would lose more if I cut back, I am just ravenous at night!
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