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To many eggs? ..........


Going From Flab to FAB!
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Can you eat to many eggs? ...

I love eggs and they are so easy to eat up on either plan, I eat probably 8 a week! .......... is this to much ?

I would hate to carry on eating these and them hinder my weight loss

how many do you eat a week? ..

Ooo also do they bung you up ?:eek:
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i dont think you can they had this discussion the other week here and someone ate 20 a week lol and it hadnt affected her so carry on enjoying them


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Yep, we did chat about this the other week, I eat loads, at least 8 a week both as "eggs" and also in recipes. Never done me any harm, SW wouldn't let you have them as a free food if they did.

Don't bung me up either.....


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Since being off work for the past month, I've had at least 2 a day practically everyday! I've developed a bit of an addiction to 'fried' eggs on toast with marmite. I do worry a bit about cholesterol but I hear it's ok now!


Going From Flab to FAB!
S: 15st10lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st4lb(1.82%)
Ahh yes that was my other thought was cholesterol ... But hey if were allowed im not going to stop and like you say they are FREE !!!!!!!!!!!

thanks :)


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Recent medical research showed no relation between egg and cholesterol. I'll try and dig out the info.


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Oooh thanks Circes. It's something I've been worrying about as I used to suffer a few years back with high cholesterol although I've not had it tested recently! Might get my GP to order me a test as it would be interesting to see if losing weight and being on SW has lowered it!


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Gosh, I probably eat twice that many, I have my own chickens and their eggs are delicious, so as long as eggs stay free food and my chickens keep laying I shall keep eating the eggs....

Mrs V

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Donnie...you know your chickens are happy, when they keep laying! (An old farmer friend told me this!)
I love eggs, there are so many things that you can make with them...I dont bother worrying over the cholesterol scare, as if we pay attention to everything we read/hear, we wouldnt eat anything at all and live in sealed containment units!

Miss Q

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Yay that's brilliant news, I plan to eat A LOT of them. Wish I had me own chickens though...

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