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to mr and mrs slim..ooops i mean haze :)

hello everyone

ive never done a weight loss diary but i think it might help to put down the days going ons, good and bad points and how we are feeling :)

both my self and hubby are overweight me much more than him. we have yo yo'd for the last 3 yrs. when i met him 10 yrs ago i was a very slender 7 1/2 stone he looked bigger than he was but it was all muscle :D

so now i would like us to be mr and mrs slim again (i think after 2 kids 7 1/2 stone is a little unrealistic lol id be happy with 9 )

today we start our weight loss journey for the 2nd time, i am very much in the zone (we stand to win some money too if we lose enough) we will be weighed in and no doubt cringe, but i vow that nxt week we will be lighter.

i will post starting weights tonight and what we've eaten for the day!

good luck to one and all with your journeys and hope some of you will accompany me and hubby on ours!!
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thank you, lucky your husband..i had an ex like that!

i love all these support groups but i think the internet is my downfall when it comes to SW, i first joined slimming world 9 years ago (when stretch marks started to appear without being pregnant i knew it was time) and back then i didnt have the internet couldnt check syn values so only followed the food optimising book with a few little syn values i picked up in group, i lost 2 stone in 8 weeks. but now rather than saying i dont know the syn value i wont eat it and finding something to eat i did know, i look it up now so eat a bigger range of syn foods because its okay i know the syn value lol
well today is day 2 and all is well. ive had weetabix with bannana and honey for breakfast, pasta salad for lunch and we'll be having curry and chips for tea...all done the SW way of course :)

i ordered a copy of the 30 day shred yesterday it was supposed to be delivered by noon but still isnt here, i wish it would hurry up, i want to have a crack at it.

i'm debating whether to do a line dance or zumba class tomorrow, as there is a club about 5 minutes walk that holds both tomorrow, not really sure i want to go on my own though and hubby cant come because of the kids.

feeling really positive even picturing myself in some new dresses in the future, i rarely wear them unless they are floaty and floor length lol.
Sounds like its going well!!

I recommend the Zumba - its great fun! And if it helps at all I go on my own and have absolutely no co-ordination and spend most of the time laughing at just how bad I am :) but with the benefit of burning 100's of calories :) xx
thank you, i might head to a class tomight :)

well today i feel super positive, have not craved anything naughty :)
we often go to an all you can eat breakfast, hubby wants to go sunday, it has some SW friendly stuff, i.e bacon, poached eggs,tomatos etc but im so in the SW zone for the first time ever i'm not sure i want to go because dont want the temptation of all the other stuff they do choc chip muffins!!!

got my 30 day shred dvd today and might have a go this evening, excited aboutr it but know its gonna hurt hehe.

hubby is doing really well hasnt strayed as far as i know but i do all the food and lunches so its easier for him to stick to plan
well i did the line dance club and have to admit it was pretty fun :) hard to keep up but that gave me a better work out :) the outside of my thighs really hurt which i thought a little odd!!

im not having such a good day today, i have stuck to plan 100% but that doesnt mean i have wanted to :) i just want to pig out on junk lol but i've been good i resisted which i know in the end i will feel better for.

hubby also nearly wavered today (he did drink a bottle of fatty sprite though lol) but a food van goes round on a friday and he usually has a hot dog or burger for lunch, but he text me asking me to persuade him not to.....i just reminded him that i got up at 5.30am to make sure he had a slimming world lunch and that i wouldnt be too happy if he wavered lol.

havent done the 30 day shred but think i might give it a go tonight see what hasppens!

ETA: i was naughty today and weighed myself, according to the boots scales i've lost 2lb, my official weigh in isnt till monday :)

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