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to my amazement

Yes the bars are great,especially after 2 weeks of fluid

I love them all although Cranberry crunch probably my favourite
The caramel one reminds me of Mars bars - it is always the one my CDC runs out of. I am putting in a big order in advance for next week :)
Mine are peanut and cranberry...i find the others really sweet...and they bloat me and have horrible effects haha so im only having them in future, but they are yummy!
Esp peanut as i loveeeee peanut butter!xxx


Tequila makes miaow happy
Malt toffee almost feel guilty for eating it!


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Peanut bar


Has been AWOL
I love the bars, malt toffee and cranberry ones are my faves. I'm trying not to get into the habit of having one every day though cos otherwise when I finish CD I'll think it's perfectly acceptable to have a choc bar every day!!!
Now at the begining I HATED the peanut bar! It tasted as though it had been dipped in nail varnish remover. I picked one up last week from my cdc by mistake, but I ate it cos I was desperate. It was fab! I had to PM her to get soem more! The angel that she was sorted some out for me to collect before my next weigh in! Dunno what I would have done without them. Will be getting a boxfull next week! LOL! sHAME ABOUT THE SIDE EFFECTS......................
hey emma, :wave_cry:

im still on first week well day 6 doing good but really want somthing to

chew on, i miss my midnight munch lol.

how long do u have to be on SS to get munchies lol?????:confused:

hope u doing good xxpamxxx:p
peanut and cranberry are my favourites :party0011:

Wk 3 for bars Pam - not long to go now :D


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Peanut is my favourite too, followed by the cranberry one's. I like the one's with some texture to them, I find the others too chewy for my liking. Have to be careful though, they bloat me up with wind and well to be perfectly frank, it blooming stinks LOL
i love the bars but be careful,i had them last time round and was fine till i started haviing them,found they didnt fill me up as much,i just stick 2 3 choc tetra a day now,mmmm lovely


I will get to goal .....
The bars are sooo yummy chopped up into chunks and frozen. Takes ages to eat them and they kinda melt in your mouth .... mmmm :drool:

I love the peanut or cranberry made into cookies. yummety-yum-ym-yum!!

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