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I know most of you are no where near refeed but just after some advice but I don't know whether to refeed or not?

It's just that I am going to stay with family from Good Fri til Monday and I'm gonna get it in the neck when they see I'm still on LT cos I told them I had finished (which I had, but started again), but I don't know whether to stick to my guns and just say I'M NOT EATING or do some kind of refeed but I'm scared cos there will be ALOT of food on Easter weekend:rolleyes:.

I've never stopped halfway through LT before so wouldn't know what to expect.
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I'd personally stick to my guns - only because I know how many failed restarts I've had since coming off LT, so, if you're not happy with your weight, why not get it all done while you're on LT? Ultimately, they'll notice, but, it's no big deal to anyone else if you're not eating really, is it? How will it really impact their enjoyment?

If you do refeed, it really should be for you, not anyone else! Good luck :)

Yeah, i would do what you just said. I couldn't think of anything worse than having to start the 1st week of this diet again!! Its much harder the 2nd time round. Good luck Taylor xxx
Family are great meaning but they can destroy all your hard work, I find they buy chocolate because thats an easy prezzy, - she who always eats it lol... so stick to your guns and ask for a different treat next time, i'm giving my eggs this time to my daughter- I hope she doesn't read this lol.....


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Mmmm I would stay on it, be too easy for me to get the taste of choccy and that would be all my good intentions down the drain. It's you that matters, not what your family thinks at the end of the day. : )
I am coming off for a weekend on the 16th of April (planned about a year ago!). I was going to do a full refeed but the chemist said I could just eat that weekend, that way if I am going to put on it wont be half as much as it it will only be 2 days of eating.

I am the type of person that can go back to it quiet easy, this is a very hard diet so if you think it will ruin it for you at all I would stick to your guns.

At the end of the day you have to suit yourself. just though I would share what my chemist said.



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I thought the same nelly, I had chicken and salad last night and thought oh well I've started my refeed now but today I feel very different and haven't had any hunger pans or want to carry on the refeed so I might just go ahead with LT and on the weekend have 2 shakes and a low fat meal with the 'family' and that way it won't upset them and I can say I'm just watching what I eat which is the truth. I won't be eating chocolates and cakes anyway, I'll leave that to the kids. Then when I get home on Tuesday I can get back on the 3 shakes. What do you think?


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You might as well refeed. Not to be funny but looking at your stats your weight to me sounds low enough as it is. I know my chemist wouldn't let me go that low and I am the same height as you. I know if my daughter was aiming for 119lbs, I would be very concerned too having already been through virtual anorexia with her. Tell me to mind my own business, but I'm only concerned : )


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Your right my pharmacist wouldn't have let me go this low and that is why I am doing this second attempt alone. I wanted to get to 8 and a half stone but I would probably get there on refeed (doing it the correct way). I just wanted to give myself a few pounds to play with when I go onto maintenance. I suppose everyone is different and they know when they are happy with their weight.

Also I know my mum will say EXACTLY what your saying when I see her this weekend, and I will get it well and truely in the neck if they know I'm still on LT.


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There's a good reason it is available through pharmacies, it's to check peoples health and ensure they are doing the programme safely. Please think again before losing too much. I'd like to be 8 1/2 stone, but the reality and near starvation it will take to keep at such a low weight is unattainable. Mums are usually right, lol x
Hey Taylor, I didnt realise your weight was so low (jealous!!)

If it was me I would be only taking the day or days off that I needed and going back to the shakes but I am still 3 1/2 stone over weight.

about a month ago I had to eat for one night because of a work thing, I ate rings round myself on the day and it was all a bit too easy to do. but following morning I was dying for the shakes and went straight back. I normally lose 3 a week and that week I still lost 2 so I was happy.

Up to you though. :D

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