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To syn or not to syn, that is the question...

Afternoon all,

Had an off-plan day yesterday due to a beer and curry night out. So I was wondering if I should cut out the syns today and tomorrow (WI is tomorrow night) or just carry on as normal?

Im not worried about a gain as i'm expecting it but just wondered where I should go from here after yesterday's eating escapade!

Thanks xx
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My consultant always says at times like this not to cut out syns completely, just reduce them a little to about 5. That way you can still have a little treat and not feel deprived. One day off plan shouldn't really mean you can't lose. If you calculate your syns for the week, including the curry and beer, you probably haven't gone over the 105 you are allowed.


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I would just draw a line and carry on. You never know, you could be surprised at weigh in. Life HAS to be enjoyable, and nights out will not cease to exist, as long as you commit 90% of the time it shouldn't be a problem.
I calculated it all hun and it came to about 100 syns lol due to eating other things too, whoops! Ok, will reduce syns for today. Thanks xx

If you didn't have any syns since your last WI I calculate you've still got 5 syns left 15 x 7 = 105, Happy days, it's not that bad after all :p
when i was last at a class... a few years ago now.... my C told us about flexible syns. so if you know you are going out, to be good all day but then dont worry about the meal you are going out for then the next day start again. i did this a few times... not in the same week lol... and i lost weight at my normal rate x
flexible syns are a way of planning what you are going to eat, so you dont just go mad and eat everything, so if you are going for a meal and few beers and the expected intake is 80 syns, then you have 25 for the rest of the week, also fill up on super speed and free foods to maximise your loss and a bit of damage limitation, I think it is better to try and plan than to go all out and loose control and eat everything in sight!

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