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To syn or not to syn?

Does everyone use their syns daily or not? I'm starting out and still can't believe how much you can eat.
I haven't had any syns today yet and could use some on a curly wurly, but then I'm so used to not eating choc on a diet and def not eating at night time that I would probably feel bad after havin it.
Lol av to get out of the restrictive diet minset.
Just wondering what everyone else does
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I use my syns everyday! They are essential for happiness & actually I lose best when I eat all 15 everyday.
I use about 8 every day and lose llb a week. A woman in my group, never uses her Healthy Extra's or syns and lose's 3 -4 every week so not sure whats best idea.
But i'd rather loose 1lb a week and not feel like im dieting, just eating better as then i won't loose the plot and binge.
I've now reached target and always used my full syn allowance! Sone days this meant dipping a curly wurly into a hot chocolate with a smidge of spray cream which was such a hardship but somehow I coped lol. As I got closer to target I did have to reduce my syns as I was platauing but only did this with my C's advice x


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Slimming World isn't a "diet", its a lifestyle. So everyday meals & foods can be slightly altered to fit in, including treats.

When I first joined SW I didn't use my syns, assuming if I go without the extra calories I'd lose more, but it had the opposite effect. My C advised me that syns are there to be used & enjoyed, thats why they're part of the SW plan. Plus, the nearer you get to target the more you have to reduce your daily syn allowance so make the most of it now! :)
We had a similar conversation last night at group. One lady had lost 4½lb in her first week, but admitted to not using any of her syns. Our consultant explained that using your Syns was an essential part of the plan, for a few reasons.

The first reason is to protect future losses. Think of it this way; if for the first few weeks you use no Syns at all, and then a month into the plan you start using them to have the odd coffee, chocolate bar, etc, your body is not used to this type of food, and it could hinder your results.

Also, they are needed when you are approaching your target weight. Usually, the closer to your target you become, the harder it becomes to shift the weight. One way to keep encouraging weight loss is to lower your Syns - hence why you need them in the first place.

You don't necessarily have to use your Syns on 'naughty' food - you could use them on something healthy, such as extra cereals or bread. I usually use mine for things like mayonnaise and sauces, extra bread, etc.

Hope this helps xx
I've just started, and I feel guilty for using my syns aswell! I don't use any during the day if I can help it, and it means I can use them up after dinner on some choccy!

As gottasleepnow said, I'd rather lose slowly than feel like I'm missing out!!
I've just started, and I feel guilty for using my syns aswell!
DONT feel guilty. If you weren't meant to be having them, they wouldn't be part of the plan!! Nothing to feel guilty about xx
It does feel wrong though - I had a bar of Aero mint last night, and even hubby said he'd be surprised if I lost any weight by my first weigh-in!!
That's the great part of the plan, you can eat these things and be guilt-free because they are built into the plan, and are there to enjoy.

Have to admit if my partner had said that, I'd have given him a smack round the lugs, cheeky sod!

Enjoy your Syns, and have a great week xx
Rattybabe said:
It does feel wrong though - I had a bar of Aero mint last night, and even hubby said he'd be surprised if I lost any weight by my first weigh-in!!
Lol I think alot of us have experience this - my dad seriously struggles to get his head round me having a fry up every weekend lol
I know EXACTLY how you feel. I feel bad if I eat a chocolate bar or crisps etc. Its almost like you dont feel like you're on a diet if you do (I know this is a 'way of life' but diet gets to the point quicker...).
I think if you have done WW in a former life it gives you this mentality too so it takes a bit of getting used to. But people are losing weight regularly eating all of their syns so it must be working!
Some days I struggle to use even 5 syns cause I'm full from eating so much superfree and free foods! LOL :rolleyes:

But I force myself to have at least 5 syns a day, even if it means a tbsp of mayo or ketchup here and couple of rich tea finger biscuits there.....

Some days I have between 5-10 syns and only go up to 15 if I have a chinese takeaway!

This has been normal practise for me since I started almost 4 weeks ago and by WI last week, I've lost 11lb total.

What i'm trying to say is do whatever you feel best for yourself, but don't deprive yourself of anything, nor should you feel guilty if you do have any syns.:)



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I had issues using my syns at first (for about the first 2-3 months I was on plan, I'd say), but I've settled into using between 4 and 15, usually settling around 8-10 every day, often on milk or cheese, or in recipes rather than on a treat (I don't need a treat every day, also cheese IS a treat ;)).

I'm actually looking to up my healthy fat intake a wee bit at the moment (for my skin) and I'll use my syns for that.

If you're just starting I'd not panic too much about it, do try and work some syns in, maybe as a little ketchup or honey maybe? But don't panic and eat when you're not hungry if you can't, you'll get there as you get your head around this not being a diet, but a way of life.
I must admit, sometimes I too feel guilty for eating syns, but my problem is not working them out properly. I remember once, calling at a garage and my OH went in and bought crisps, sausage rolls, chocolate, cos we hadn't had anything to eat. I tried my best to resist but ended up eating some. I thought I had totally blown my allowance, which then put me into the down hill spiral of, "might as well eat whatever today and start again tomorrow", which usually leads to, "might as well eat whatever this week and start again next week"...think we have all done it!! When I actually sat and worked the syns out properly, I was within my daily allowance, which I was delighted about :) I always try to have at least 5 syns a day, but allow myself the full 15 if I need them. Enjoy them xx
I think if you feel you need a choccie treat and within your syn allowance, then do so! Most days I've had a little choccie bar, sometimes with a couple of Alpen lights too and still lost! 1st week 3lb, then 3.5lb, 1.5lb and 3.5lb. The diet works with eating your syns!

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