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to those with kids


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awww thanks hun, I have 3 myself and I still have to cook for them even though I'm not eating it lol. Sometimes smelling is as good as tasting, I have been 100% LT since 31st March and I intend to keep it up.

My motivation is how good I'm feeling being 11.5lbs lighter than I was last week.
thanks for that, I have a 5 year old and a two year old and they are both always HUNGRY!!!!! typical!!!!!!! but its my husbands ben and jerrys ice cream thats the killer for me ha ha ha!!!!


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Ive a 4 and 2 year old. We've just been down at my DH's aunties who made a buffet for us to eat and I sat there drinking water ! Never mind - it better be worth it next week - lol !


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I just started weaning my lil one about 6 weeks ago, i am using Annabel Karmels books and hoping that what im giving her tasted nice as i cant taste it yet lol, but some stuff smells lovely. She seems to like it which suits me :D:D

Testing its not too hot has been ok too, kitchen roll at the ready to wipe it off my lip lol;)


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Thankfully my hubby does most of the cooking, I don't think I could do it everyday and not pick. When I do the cooking I do stuff I don't like, hot dogs, mince, beef and all that.


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Last time around, i loved preparing the food for my family. I got as much pleasure from doing that as i did eating the stuff....strange i know! :eek::D


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I'm really enjoying cooking which is weird as I normally hate it. I get real pleasure from the family enjoying my efforts


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I wouldn't say I ENJOY cooking for people (I have 2 of my grandsons for 2 days this week too Joy!) but it doesn't bother me.

I do something for DH every day and several times I've had family for dinner (makes a change from a joint ;)) Today I did a roast for DH & my mother ... it really doesn't worry me ... it doesn't worry anybody else either because I get all the dishes done while they're eating and therefore they don't have to do them!! :)

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