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To weigh or not to weigh

I've read a couple of books that say you shouldn't weigh yourself, you should judge your weight loss on inches lost or how your clothes fit. I don't know what everyone else thinks, and I know it's not a good idea to weigh more than once a week, but weighing myself is the only way I can judge how well I'm doing. I did start to weigh myself only once a month but I feel personally I need to have a weekly weigh-in to keep myself on track (and hopefully to see those numbers on the scales going down!)
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I don't think there is anything wrong with weighing yourself, obviously not too often or you get obsessed with daily weighing!

I know that when I weigh in weekly if I lose then I am more motivated to carry on, and if I have stayed the same or gained anything then I know I need to work harder to see a loss next time.
So yes, weigh ins can be good for keeping you on track.
Always weigh on the same scales, the same day and the same time of day! I think a monthly weigh in would make me think I could let a few days slide after weigh in because I wouldn't see the resulting weight gain for another month if you see what I mean? And hey, it's your journey so it's completely up to you!
I found that when I was trying to lose weight without scales, so by the fit of my clothes/measurements I lost a lot lot less weight and put it all back on because I think the results seem to appear slower.
I like to weigh in weekly (and occasionally I give in to temptation and have a sneeky look midweek) but as long as your keeping track in a way that keeps you motivated then there is no right or wrong way and no-one else can really know what works best for you :)
i weigh in monthly for me i prefer it i dont feel such a stress on myself if i dont do so well weekly, but ive always been weird lol i tried weekly wi but i just got obsessed and beat myself up over every little thing
Personally I like a weekly weigh in, it helps me visually track my progress. I've lost two stone, unless I had seen this on the scales I would not believe it because in my eyes I don't look any different and my clothes are only a little bit baggy.

If I had not have seen the scales slowly tick down I would have lost heart and given in weeks ago!

I don't believe in hopping on and off the scales all day everyday, I don't think this is helpful as you can fluctuate soooooo much over the day and the week!

But each to their own xxx

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
I think weighing in every day can be quite inaccurate because of what you ate the day before, water retention, what have you. Weighing in on a weekly basis makes more sense to me because if they don't go down, I push myself even harder so they go down the week after. Judging by how your clothes fit is tricky, it might take a while until you realise that you have in fact lost any.


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I find seeing the scales go down weekly motivates me, sometimes I wish they would go down quicker or more then they do but I try to stay focused, I think I would slip up more if I did monthly

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Sammy, definitely. It's just a good excuse cos you don't know where you're at!

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