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To weigh or not to weigh???


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Ok I confess, I'm a serial weigher. :scale:

I weigh myself twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I know all diet gurus say that you shouldn't weigh yourself more than one a week, but on a TFR diet I just get such a buzz at seeing my weigh come down. going to bed knowing that when I jump on the scales the next morning I will be just that bit lighter than I was the night before.

So come on, cough up. How many times do you weigh yourself? Weekly? Daily? Hourly? After every wee? sorry to much info :p
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LOL! im really strict with myself and only weigh myself every mondays... and i dont be tempted to weigh myself more than that because i dont trust my scales at home so have to go to boots to weigh myself :D


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lol Every morning, naked and after a pee :) Only record on a friday though- you are not alone lol :)
I just wait until my pharmacy visit, wouldn't trust the scales at home


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My scales at home weighs me 2lbs lighter than pharmacy scales so I just tack 2lbs on when I weigh in at home :)
I've been weighing daily in the morning after a pee, and put on 2lb from Thursday to Friday even though I was 100%. A little disheartening but a good reason not to overweigh. I'm hoping my scales are on the blink ;-)

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I'm a believer in daily weighing. When on TFR it was great to see it moving back a little every day. In maintenance I find it essential to weigh daily as it reminds me to pull back a little if I see the scales creeping up.
Daily, first thing in the morning, after a trip to the loo! I never bother later in the day cos I know that I'm going to be loads heavier after a day of eating and drinking.
Lou I could've written your post, ha!! I weigh myself every morn after morn wee and so far, seeing 1lb a day coming off is really helping my motivation!! I do weigh at night too and every day so far I've been the same as the morn so knowing I haven't put any on over the day means I get excited for the next morn cos pretty guaranteed that I'd have lost again!!!

Maybe I'll stop such reg weighing once I'm out the initial stages of loosing lots but we'll see!!!

H x
I'm with you Lou, I even weigh in after I've got up for a wee in the night. I find it keeps me motivated watching the scales go down, and don't mind people thinking I am mental!! x
Looks like i am with Chuck on this one.
I never go near scales apart from every Friday morning when i go to the pharmacy.
It's a no win situation for me to weigh more often.
If i weighed after 3 days and had lost 4 lbs i might think i could then get away with a treat before WI. If i had only lost 1 lb then i lose motivation.
It's the first time on any diet i have done it this way and it seems to be working. MY scales here can give 3 or 4 different readings anyway so i would never trust them xx


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I weigh every morning after a pee! It's the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. Since being on LT, I can't remember them ever going up by more than 0.5lbs but I take no notice of the "gains" because it really could be down to anything and I know it'll be down again the next day. I quite often see a sts but again... I know it'll be down again soon! I quite often sts for 2 - 3 days and then see a big drop and I think it's that high that I'm looking for :D

I say as long as it works for you, keep doing it and obviously don't be disheartened if you see a gain... if you're 100% its not a "real" gain. All the best xx
Every time I walk into the bathroom practically! Hehe, it's a bit addictive...

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Just the once a week at the pharmacy for me. never owned scales...
Ha ha ha I am crazy, I weigh every time I go into the bathroom, I have even weighed myself, then had a glass of water, then weighed myself again to see how much it weighs, Complete madness

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I weigh in every morning, and plot results on a excel spread sheet, its really interesting to findout how my weight stays static for a day or two then I will lose 3 to 4 lbs in 24hrs, this happens for me 3 to 4 times a week.
Im always on mine,,,Im Tracy and I'm addicted to scale hopping lol

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