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Toby Carvery Breakfast

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by meadowbankles, 20 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. meadowbankles

    meadowbankles Silver Member

    Hi all :)
    we had an office breakfast meeting at Toby Carvery this morning. I had two rashers of bacon (cut off all the visible fat), two fried eggs (didn't eat the yolk), baked beans, two cooked tomatoes and a piece of wholemeal bread toasted, which I hope to use as my HexB.
    Discussed the overall meal with a colleague who is kind of following SW and we came to the conclusion of around 5 syns.
    Any thoughts, please?
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  3. mummyamy10

    mummyamy10 Member

    Yeah sound about right to me. The oil that they fry everything in sadly is what will rack up the syns I suppose. Beans and trimmed bacon sounds fine. The toast could be your HEB definitely. I went there once, was hoping for more variety if I’m honest. I love scrambled egg and found the fried eggs a little limiting.
  4. meadowbankles

    meadowbankles Silver Member

    Thanks. Yes, I was hoping for scrambled egg :)
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