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Toby carvery


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Hi ladies, went out for lunch today for my dads birthday to a toby carvery. I thought I was being good had meat and just veg, now I read that they glaze the veg with butter! Oh my how much do you think they use? In panick now as it's WI tomorrow. Only had 5.5 syns on kit kat today and on a mix tomax day. Any ideas how much would be use on the veg anyone?
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I'd say a knob of butter which shouldnt be too many syns but if u been good all week then you should be fine x
Surely if there had been butter on the vegetables you would have noticed? To be honest, Toby Carvery is a fairly low-price outfit (fantastic value for money - our retired people's club has its Christmas lunch there and they do us three courses with wine and coffee for £12) and I doubt if they would use very much butter, if at all, to keep costs down.

I have been there twice and thought the vegetables were plain, if a bit overcooked, and only the roast potatoes looked as if they might have oil or some kind of fat on them.


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phone up and ask them!! i would its not like they are going to know who you are, say you are bringing an elderly aunt for dinner who is dairy intolerant and you need to know!! lol

I would!!

carla xx
Oo I never knew this. I shall be asking next time I'm there. Gotta love the Carvery :p


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yea i agree with carla - be cheeky and ask them


loves to chat & post

I think we should have the right to ask without being embarrassed, if your child was nut intolerant or dairy intolerent you ask as any mother would! (why not ask if it got fat in it)

If you went to a party and their was a "FRUIT PUNCH" and you wanted some but had to drive home would you ask if had booze in it of course you would.

Oooh god no wonder my o/h doesnt like going out for dinner with me when i am dieting... I sound like a right B**ch!!

I tell em I've got gallstones if they look at me odd and say I'd collapse if I ate butter. Suddenly they tell you the truth-probably afraid of being sued or something.lol

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