today i collect.......


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my prize.

When i started cd my husband said that if i got down to a weight below him he would give me £100.

Well today i only gone and bleedin done it (only fools and horses fans will undersatnd i hope!)

I got to 1lb below him and he has paid up. YAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY me.
I started cd at 15.6 and today weighed 11.11 and i am 5'7 tall and comfortablly in a size 14 all over. . i am liking the way i look now and am very happy as bmi is 25.8. i weigh less now than i have for 7 years. still cant quite believe it! i would still like to lose another stone to see what i would look like skinnyier, think it will be strange but i will give it a go!
At first i was gonna put it towards christmas but then dh said that i had to buy myself something with the cash, so i have decided that i am going to buy myself

a pair of black fm (knee high)boots
a skirt above half way between knee and thigh (oooooohhh)
some woolly tights to (keep me warm)
and a fine knit jumper with long sleeves (again to keep me warm as cd has made me very very cold always)

so heres to the new me and to the new you and to long lost friends (lbs of fat)

keep up the good work everyone, its your inspiring stories that have kept me going through the last few months.

lynjo x
Well done to you!

And enjoy spending every penny of your hard earned money on a fab shopping spree.

Don't forget to send us a piccy of you though in your new outfit!!

:) :) :) :) :)
Well done - fantastic xxx
That is so brilliant, well done. Isn't clothes shopping fun now, used to hate it when I was overweight but now it is fin again. Have a great time at the shops.