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Today is the day... dun dun dun!

Right after putting this off for the past 2 weeks, today is the day. I AM going to do this!

I've woken up with a raging headache and my tummy is telling me to eat as it's rumbling like mad. That can shush for a start!

So this morning I will get in the shower get myself dolled up and take my daughter to a soft play thing. I will sit in the corner with my bottle of water and not even make eye contact with the muffins and cookies.

I will also take the next module of the MSc I'm supposed to be finishing and attempt to relieve my food boredom by tucking into some chapters on complimentary therapies in pregnancy and childbirth!

Eeeekkkk I'm so nervous but I'm sooooo excited too!

One thing I am worried about is my best friends daughter has her 4th birthday party in 2 and a bit weeks and I don't want to miss out on cake, jelly and ice-cream. I'll make myself a special CD jelly and freeze a couple of tetras I think. Hmmm plan!

Pleeease wish me luck! I'm so going to need it!

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Hahahahaha ta Abz!

Just made mistake number 1, had a glass of water and swallowed an air bubble! Now it hurts to swallow hehe!

Oh well, just having a 'coffee' with a little taken from a vanilla pack. Not too bad really but not a yummy as a normal coffee.

Ho you feeling today? Any better :)

x x x x x


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so far so good. tumbly a bit rumbly but waiting until nine for my brekkie. but that coffee idea is a great one. ha. might go and make myself a black cuppa...

what time you planning on shaking? you fancy a chat?

abz xx
My gawd you're diciplined Abz!

Not sure when I'll have my first shake, might leave it until I get back from the soft play. That'll be a test to me! I'll just glug the water while I'm out or treat myself to a green tea or something!

Yup, are you there already?


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Hello sweetie

Im right there with ya hun.

One pint of water down. I won't have my first shake til 10.30 then a soup at 2, for tea Ive got 2 quorn fillets with brocolli and later I will have another shake!



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Good luck Bex!! You can do it!!! sounds like the birhtday party idea in 2 weeks or so is a good idea. at least it will decrease the risk of you cheating.

Good luck on your Msc as well
Hi guys!

Thanks for your words :)

Jools, Abz since my little 'incident' earlier I've been very good!

I've been popping in and out of the garden and generally keeping myself busy so thats sort of helpin. I've been guzzling like mad and have had my 1st shake.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! Have booked my gym induction for Saturday. I know it's not recommende dto excercise while SSing but I do believe it'll help me no end. I love the gym and have that to look forward to.

Hope everyone else is getting on okay x x x


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well done on staying on the straight and narrow this aft hon. have your shakes regularly, don't put them off until later or cravings will get you. it's why mine are spaced out like my meals were. or split them in half so you can half lots of little ones throughout the day. that might help? are you having four a day hon? you're five 8 aren't you?

still haven't got that pic. maybe you'll have to email it to me?

abz xx


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well done chick for staying on track this afternoon ... proud of ya!

Thanks sweetie!!

I feel sooo naughty about this morning, did you manage to resist the crisps hehe!

Just having my 2nd shake now, got a chocolate pack mushed up wiith loads of ice so its kind of like a milkshake you'd get in Maccy Ds.

Tomorrow is another day! Going to try the half pack thing that Abz suggested and see if that will help the hunger pangs a bit.

Thanks for your support girlies
x x x x x x


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Hey hun

Yes I did avoid the crisps ... I wanted them but I didn't WANT them if that makes any sort of sense!


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