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Today is the day!!!!

HOpe you didn't have all 7 for brekkie, lol :) just teasing. My pharmacy doesn't have the flapjacks at the mo due to a manufacturing problem. What flavour are the maintenance bars?

Best of luck on LT - hope your first week goes really well :)
Well they are a a nougat texture and taste ok but are coated in a white chocolate type coating which makes them more palatable.

Still unsure I could only eat have this morning and then had the other half later on.
they sound nice!


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welcome back on it, hope today goes well. I started the refeed on Monday and the maintenance bar is my favourite thing so far. Just had the orange creme drink and found it so sweet. Are you on the regular shakes or maintenance shakes.
The thing with the maintenance products is that they do not have all the nutrients the TFR drinks and flapjacks have as they are designed to be eaten alongside a balanced diet. You should check that what he gives you is ok as you really do need the nutrients if you are on TFR.
Best of luck.


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Yup just like dorin said if you are doing the TFR programme you are not allowed the maintainence bars and your pharmacy shouldnt be giving them to you.
Thanks guys I thought that was strange, ok so I will take them back in on Friday as I need the nutrients, what would I do with out you all.
Summergirl, your pic makes me chuckle every time it makes me think you are talking to me after just getting out of the shower,


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:giggle: !!!!!
Good luck bigmuthabluffa!

Funny you should say about maintenance products. My Hubby decided to start LT (always has to compete with me, only has 2 stone to lose) He had tried it 5 weeks ago when I started but took one sip of a shake and said 'This isn't for me!' So the day before he started the chemist gave him maintenance shakes and bars and told him to try them before he made up his mind. I thought this was a strange thing to do as I've been told the maintenance products are far sweeter than the TFR shakes.


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And to me it looks like you're sat in the bath with your turban and shades on :cool:
haha i was actually just out the shower, i had a towel around me and i was sat in our hotel room at the make up desk (which was more like one massive long side!!!) :giggle:


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ya cant lou! :( wish ya could!!! lol

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