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today is the day...


goingtobeslim x
today i start my lt tfr diet, had my 1st shake of the day, thinking about food already :sigh: hope i can get through this and lose 3st 8lb by june-july. reading all your achievements have really inspired me. my 1st WI is next wed and my aim is half a stone be delighted if it will be a bigger loss. will find it had cooking for the family, as earlier i had my shake then had to make dinner for my son. how does people get over the temptation? didn't give in to the demons though, thank god. well good luck to you all on the same journey. iam new to this site so bear with me. think i have been posting in the wrong forum lol. x
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Hiya Becci. Good to hear you're starting today-you won't regret it and when all that weight starts dropping off, you will cope better with those habitual cravings, I promise! Stay strong, babe, and the time will fly by. :D


goingtobeslim x
thanks jessie for your support, day 1 over with anyway. got to get through 11wks of this though :( just finished work, as i work in th co-op. and wasnt tempted by all the food,sweets cakes etc.. very proud of myself. the headache i have had today was horrible and it was only my 1st day. you have done so well, and you should be so proud of yourself, just hope iam strong enough like you,as 1 week on a diet and i quit.

take care:)

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Hi becci, well done for starting the hardest yet easiest diet in the world! Hard because you have to be strobg to resist temptation but easy if you can learn to ignore it! Good luck xx


goingtobeslim x
thanks cham, hope you are feeling better today? day 2 for me and although iam not hungry i really want to eat. havent got no willpower but will at least try to stick it out until 1st weighing and see how i go from there. how are you finding the diet? you have done really well so far:) done the most stupidest thing this morning and weighed just to see if i had lost even a half a pound, it told me i had put on a pound so gutted.:(
Hi Becci, stick with it and use this forum as often as you can - it's a huge help. You'll get there. I'm on day 30 and it definitely gets easier. It's a great feeling as you get thru each day. Good luck.
stick with it, im on day 24 today and the time is now flying by, saying that ive got essays and things that i am throwing myself into, and not to mention the hubby and two teenagers lol, it gets easier everyday, i am actually quite enjoying it now, feeling lighter everyday, and clothes getting too big by the week! its well worth it, dont give up!


goingtobeslim x
thanks girly's, will stick at it. sounds stupid i know but only on day 2 and i feel a little lighter. also checked my wee earlier and am in ketosis which am landed about. everyone is doing so well i want to be like you all now. :) x


Sensibly losing :)
hiya Becci and welcome!!
Stick with it as the results are superb :) It can be tough and many a time I have ended up on here rather than raiding the fridge (like right now, had a terrible day and shattered and could murder some of the kids choc!).. its a great outlet and passer of time... plus I seem to have made a few friends on here frm the local area too which is always a bonus!

As for cooking for the family, this was hard for me at first as I have 4 kiddies! I am ALWAYS in the kitchen preparing a meal or cleaning up after one - and it IS tough. I found I couldnt even taste things to season them. or lick my fingers when handling one of my babies sarnies! LOL! It made me realise how much I pick stuff and eat wthout knowing it, like the odd wotsit, smartie etc! Its awful!! Anyway, now its not so much of an issue.. some meals get me more than others.. made a thai curry tonight and was a little naughty with some chicken but I have forgiven myself...I have been up since 2.15am with 3 poorly kids so worse things have happened! Once upon a time I would have ht the crisps, choc and takeaway.. ;)

Stay good (unlike me) and good luck for your first week and weigh-in! xxx
Hey Becci - best advice I can offer is to use the forum as much as you can.... I've just gotten through my first week and down 7lbs and this site has really helped me get through and take it in my stride! The support on here is just wonderful and looking at other members stats and seeing how well everyone does is soooo inspiring!

Best of luck!!!!



goingtobeslim x
thank you donna, although im not hungry i just want food, like you always picked on my kids leftovers. and been so proud of myself these last 2 days. day 2 nearly over and be on day 3 the longest ive stuck with a diet. having lots of help on this site its brill. you have done very well with your loss so far, dont worry about picking at the chicken we are only human after all, and hopefully a little taste wont harm.;)hope your kids will be better soon. :)
Well done for getting into ketosis so quickly. That's got to be a good sign! Like you, I felt slimmer on the first two days. Just take this a day at a time. You will surprise yourself with some amazing hidden willpower and that will make you feel so good about yourself. It won't be long before you have that first wonderful weigh-in! :D
becci- i have a little tip for you when it comes to conquering the " i need to eat" demons.
i used to just think to myself anytime i wanted food that it just wasn't worth it! you're dreaming about take away or sandwiches and then you remember that once you've crammed the offending item in your mouth its over finito! you gain no more pleasure from said grub. so think about it if you ignore the temptation it'll pass dont worry. I'd cook my boyfriend dinner and then hop in the shower while he was eating it for the first week after that you wont even bat an eyelash! trust me sweetheart im a chef surrounded by food everyday and i dont break a sweat anymore.
you will enjoy all the food you did before in moderation soon but get yourself to place where you are proud to be you first! if we can do it so can you! you can lean on us whenever you need to!
keep up the good work the first step is the hardest! xx


goingtobeslim x
thanks vanilly & jessie for the advice, day 3 today and feel like im in a different world my head not with it at all.shaky and light headed also my belly grumbling today,hopefully it will get better as time goes on. Used a blender today for the 1st time today to mix my shake, it was much nicer and used more water with it. will have to go to the chemist tomorrow to see if they could swap a few strawberrys to chocolate shakes as i have heard the chocolate one to be yummy, :) did not like the vanilla and the chicken soup yuch...:(


goingtobeslim x
never tried it, so will be trying it when i swap my shakes tomorrow. only got the 21 strawberrys. could eat a big bar of galaxy right now, so the choco shakes may help my craving, yum yum :)


goingtobeslim x
It might just take a tiny amount of craving away, could pretend i'm having a hot choco before bed. :)

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