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Today is the day!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by MrsB193, 28 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Hi all

    right I have been messing around for far too long trying to loose the last stone and a half... I've had a very indulgent weekend which had included Dominos, Ben and Jerry's, birthday cake for my nieces 1st birthday, kebab, and cocktail sausages on a picnic... Which has seen the scales go up to 11.2 this morning :cry:
    I would like them to be in the 9.10 region at least, but secretly I would love to see 9.4 that would be 3 stone from where I use to be at, but just seems impossible, however looking through people's diary's and before and after pictures I am sure that it is possible if I set my mind to it and stick to plan 100%

    we we have our family holiday in 12 weeks, and I am going to try and log everything on here and try and get the scales down to at least 10 stone by then :)

    this is morning I am planning on having fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, I have an online shop coming this evening so hopefully I am prepared and stocked up on lots of fruits.

    but for now I must dash as the kids are waiting for their breakfast were all still in our pjs and we need to be out the house in an hours time hehe.

    update later

    Clare xx
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  3. beslim2014

    beslim2014 Full Member

    Good luck, a holiday is always a good incentive for us to get focused :)
  4. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Thanks Beslim, it sure is, this is the year that I want to be able to wear little skimpy jean shorts and a bikini, for the last say 7 years i have wanted to be able to wear little shorts, I'm determined this is the year though!!
    How long have you been on your journey, how are you getting on? Xx
  5. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    So today food diary goes as follows

    breakfast - muller light and a satsuma
    lunch - toast HEX, beans (I resisted and didn't have cheese on top) but I did have a frylight fried egg instead lol

    dinner - I am planning on making a chilli and going to have half an avocado for 4.5syns and some sour cream 4 syns grated cheese on top HEA ummm I can't wait fancied a nice chilli for ages hehe.

    my daughter is starting rainbows tonight though so just hope I get time to make it once my food shop turns up lol.

    Of to speech therapy with my son now - no rest for the wicked ;)
  6. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Ok it's day 2, I've already had a naughty look on the scales to make sure yesterday went well... It's showing a loss of 1 1/4lbs wahoo I thought that the first 2lbs might come off easy as I only put them on over the weekend.

    i am aiming to eat lots of tomato based food as that's normally when I have my best losses!!

    Plan for today -

    B - toast with beans and cheese HEA & HEB

    L - jacket potato with tuna mayo, cucumber and cherry tomatoes

    D - a yummy chicken tikka masala from one of the magazines with rice, followed by fruit salad in the evening

    syns - I've just made myself a vanilla latte (3.5) Mayo in my tuna 2tbsp (4)

    Might even make a bit of jelly to pick at in the fridge, we still have far too many chocolate Easter eggs in our house which is no good :(

    But I'm still feeling focused and determined :)

    Hope you all have a good day xx
    Last edited: 29 April 2014
  7. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    So yesterday didn't go to plan, I didn't have breakfast until 10.30 so that kept me really full so I didn't get round to having my jacket potato... Instead I had an apple and two satsumas about 2 ish. I don't know what is wrong with me, I feel like a changed woman, don't even want to eat rubbish now, feel really determined that I am going to do this, this time!!

    Yesterdays syns were 2 marshmallows (2 syns) a mini fab ice lolly (2.5) and then I was naughty and had a few mini popadoms with the curry at dinner I'm going to allow (6) at a guess
    plus the vanilla latte I had so a total of 14 syns... Few more then I want to be having really so will have to keep an eye on them. Want to try and stick to 10 a day :)

    Plan for today

    B - 1 slice of toast with a boiled egg HEB (2.5syns for low fat butter)

    L - jacket pot that I didn't get yday with tuna mayo (4syns light mayo) and salad

    D - Spag Bol with cheese HEA

    snacks - fruit... Will prob have another mini fab tonight (2.5 syns)

    if all goes to plan that's 9 syns for today. I need to make sure I remember to drink more today too, I only had 2 pints of squash and my latte yesterday!!

    Anyway ay better start shifting update later xx
  8. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Ok so yesterday I ended up making the kids some cookies, and of course I HAD to try one to make sure they were ok... I worked out the syns this morning and I think they are around 7 syns a cookie - worth it though best ones I've made yet lol. I didn't have a fab in the evening, but I did have a bit of butter so I reckon I had about 15 syns yesterday... Naughty really need to stick to 10!!

    im so bad I've been on the scales again this morning and haven't lost any today (I know I shouldn't weigh everyday but I can't help myself) :(
    anyway I'm thinking I probably ate too much spag Bol last night as I was sooo bloated!! And thinking maybe I should have fruit and yoghurt for breakfast again.

    so here goes my plan for today

    B - banana and toffee muller light, half an apple that my son stole from me... Jeezzz lol

    L - left over spag bol - it has carrots, celery, onion, tomatoes in so quite a lot of super free in :)

    D - homemade burger, sweet potato wedges and thinking about trying to make coleslaw to go with it!?

    Debating on making the SW kebab meat tomorrow, has anyone made it? Xx
  9. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Lol the bit of butter that I had was on my jacket potato, I didn't just eat it out the tub... Lol
  10. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Morning -

    looks like ike im still on my own in my diary adventure.

    plan for today is as follows

    B - banana and toffee muller light

    L - jacket potatoe with beans and cheese HEA

    D - I think I'm going to try and make the SW kebab meat with a big salad and a HEB pitta bread

    try and snack on more fruit and make sure I get at least 2 litres of water - I only managed 1.5 yesterday.

    weighed again this morning I've lost 1 3/4lbs since Monday little bit disapointed with that though :( xx
  11. Crafty Girl

    Crafty Girl Silver Member

    Hi there - is that the kebab from the fakeaway book - I got this book on Wednesday And it looks really tempting.
  12. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Hi Caz

    yes I think it is in the fake away book, I haven't got it yet :( I've just seen the recipe knocking around the internet for a while ;)

    i didnt get get round to making it yet, the diet has gone a bit out the window since Friday night :((

    why can I never stay on plan when the hubby is around!??

    Holiday ay is getting closer, I must sort myself out!! Xx
  13. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Right so Friday went terrible wrong...

    Started off really good, my daughter has recently started a new school and I met some lovely new mummies who's children she has been playing with, she has gone up to the next reading level, and bought her first set of spellings home :) was feeling happy and proud!!

    We went round to see their nanny after school and the kids were playing upstairs Sophie came down crying her heart out dripping in blood aghhhhhhhh I can not cope when they are hurt!! Anyway she had managed to go on their bunk bed and smashed her head on the celling... Luckily she was ok once she calmed down, but I said she could choose what she wanted for dinner to cheer her up! ..... Chinese.... :-/

    so that was Friday night ruined.... And it doesn't get much better....

    Saturdays started off well with a SW fry up.... Then it went wrong again with a nandos. I had half a chicken wrap, half portion of chips, and a corn, oh and spicy nuts :-/
    then had cheese and biscuits in the evening and a doughnut!!


    Believe it or not, I really do want to loose a stone and half, when will I get it into my head if I pig out and come off plan I will not succeed!???

    So scales are showing half a lb gain back from my 2lbs off... It's official weigh in tomorrow... We are at a family BBQ today I'm going to have to be really reserved!!

    Im im hoping that maybe there will be chicken if I take the skin off and have salad with it, my mum is taking a tuna pasta which won't be too bad and were making a chicken fried rice which shouldn't be too bad, if I have fruit and yoghurt for breakfast and drink LOADS of water hopefully I can get that 1/2lb back off!!

    I know 2lb isn't great for week 1, but hopefully week 2 will be better... Lol :)
  14. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Weigh in this morning wasn't brilliant 11.0.5 so I've lost 1.5lbs not great for a first week, but I have been very naughty all weekend!!!!

    Must try harder this week! I can never stick to plan when the hubby is around :(
  15. Crafty Girl

    Crafty Girl Silver Member

    AT Least 1.5 off is better than 1.5 on!

    I have no problems when OH is around - it is being at work that is my problem.

    Just noticed on your stats that your start weight is showing as 11.2 lb - I have not been that weight since I was a baby!
  16. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Hi Caz

    yes well I was 12.4 to start with but haven't been that much in a couple of years so thought I would put my starting weight down as what I actually am ATM lol.

    Try and think what I've been eating last couple of days...

    Monday - satsuma for breakfast
    lunch I made a yummy pasta with light dairy lea triangles mushrooms, spinach and bit of pasta it was yummy, and better then the husband wanting McDonald's!!
    dinner we had the SW fakeaway doner meat, it was actually really yummy, I made pickled cabbage and onion cucumber and tomato to go with it

    yesterday was bad -

    I had no breakfast as I was busy (were in the process of moving house) then I was so starving didn't know what to eat for lunch, so I was picking at chocolate :((
    then had jacket pot beans and cheese
    dinner I made a chicken chow mein which was really nice the whole family enjoyed it which is a miracle!!

    I have been getting in my 2 litres of sugar free squash though, the hubby bought me a bottle of Zup free last night and I resisted - always tempting me!! :(
  17. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Right today I'm not really sure...

    I'm thinking yoghurt and fruit for breakfast....

    lunch I might have egg on toast with some plum tomatoes!?

    Dinner I've got a gammon joint I may try and make some bubble and squeak to go with it, never made it before!? This may change though lol.

    because with a bit of luck we will be moving by the end of the weekend I am trying to use up all the food in the house this week so may have a few concoctions lol. We are moving in with family for 6 weeks before our new house is ready end of June,can't wait now!! :)

  18. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member


    haven't updated in a couple of days, and to be honest I haven't been brilliant either - moving house is stressful!!

    Anyway I have decided to move my weigh in to Fridays and I don't know how, but today I weighed in at 10.13 YESSSSS back in the 10s so that was another 1.5 off - I'm going to try really hard and get 3lbs off by next Friday now, although it's going to be hard we are packing the house up and moving most our stuff out this week.

    I don't know if I said but we are going to be moving in with my family for 5/6 weeks until our new house is ready, so I should be able to stick to plan and get lots of exercise in as my mum will be able to watch the kids while I pop out for a run, or to make dinner etc so that will be great as my husband isnt around much as he works long hours

    anyway wahoo that's made me happy for the day and I think it's given me the push I need to get back on the wagon. I'm even debating on joining online - mainly because I want the fakeaway book lol.

  19. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Today's plan

    yoghurts and fruit for breakfast

    lunch I'm taking my son to soft play, I'm not sure if we're getting lunch, but if we do I'm going to get a jacket potato with a free filling

    dinner chilli yummy xx
  20. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Right today in the end was

    B -
    1 slice of whole meal toast HEB with beans and a fry light fried egg
    L - jacket potato with tuna mayo and a side salad - this was from soft play so not sure how they made it, going to say 4 syns for Mayo and butter
    D - I was tempted for Dominos but resisted (yay me)!! Hubby didn't want chilli... So I made the Moroccan meatballs from the SW website but they were really dry and horrible! So just had the pasta and a tomato sauce with it.

    so still have my HEA for later and thinking hmm what do I fancy for a treat but I might just have a nice toffee muller light and be good :-D

    I finally feel like I can and am going to do this!! Really want 3lbs off by next Friday back to 10.10 which I was before Xmas came along!! Xx

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