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Today's Menu - Please check and comment

I'm in "determined" mode at the mo so really trying hard. Must say at the mo (having had dinner) I'm absolutely stuffed!

Today's menu is:

40g shreddies, Muller light yogurt poured on and 1 banana mixed in. Tea with HexA semi skimmed milk.

2 slices wholemeal toast (HexB) with 4 laughing cow light cheeses (HexA) and sliced tomato. 1 Banana. Water.

Water - lots of it.

Baked potatoes, 1 tspn butter (2 syns), baked beans. Muller light yogurt and fresh raspberries.

Later will have
Milky coffee with rest of HexA ss milk.

Treat for supper
1 brioche roll with choc chips (7 syns).

Total for day - 2 HexA, 2 HexB and 9 syns.

How does this look?
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soon to be skinny minnie
That looks like a good days menu, that is a good idea about using yoghurt to top your cereal instead of milk; saving a hexa, i must try that.


I ate my willpower!
You are supposed to have 28g of Shreddies with a ryvita to make up a HEXB. Although if your not having the ryvita, I can't see any harm in having a few more grams of Shreddies.
OMG lol

I said to hubby "Is it 40g of cereal for a HexB?" and he's says yeah. I never thought to double check. Oh well.


I ate my willpower!
watch ya banana's more than 1 a day can stop u losin..........they are full of sugar..........grapes are another......not much veg in your menu.....
I have next to no fruit or veg in mine. Can't stand the stuff. I am trying some stirfrys this week to try and get me interested!
I'm having a red day tomorrow and dinner is going to be chicken breast with loads of fresh veg :)
Eh thanks for the tip on the butter buds - I will try them.
Had no-fat chicken sausages from my local butchers for dinner this evening with stir fry veg (in fry light) and it was soooooo yummy!

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