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My favourite was the peanut bar:drool:
i used to love all the bars (except cran and peanut) now i can not tolerate them in my mouth!! so shakes and soups all the way for me now!!

never tryed the peanut one though, afraid of choking! silly i know lol but i bet its lush!
I used to like the peanut one as well, but guess my taste buds have changed i think it tastes like cardboard (not that i've ever eaten cardboard!)!! Choc tetras all the way for me!!!


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Mmmmmmmmm Choc Orange bar.... perhaps it could be my CD delirium but I swear they taste just like Terrys Choc Oranges.......

(Also do not like the Toffee )


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The only bar I like in its natural state is the cranberry :p.

I can eat the toffee and cho orange but I like to cut them up into little bits and pop them in the freezer for a bit - when they come out it is like eating lots of tiny toffee sweets - great for nibbling on in front of the tv :).


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I LOVE the toffee bars!! they remind me of cadbury fudge bars.. I like the peanut and the cranberry ones as well.. not tried any of the others, I figured having 3 yummy flavours was enough, I'm supposed to be working on my chocolate addiction not adding to it!!! :D
I had the toffee malt bar today like the first couple of bites but after that it was chore to be honest, it took me most of the afternoon to finally finish it LOL I have one more of them and a chocolate one. We'll see what the chocolate one is like but if the texture is anything like the toffee one I dont think I'll bother with them again and stick with my tetras / soups...
Will do, was going to keep for the weekend so will let you know then :)
Not a fan of the bars i'm afraid. Only tried the peanut and toffee ones and i think i managed 3 bars all in all! the first couple of bites are bearable but after that eeewwwwggghhhh
have had an emerg toffee bar in my handbag for weeks now but looks fit for the bin :rolleyes:
so choc tera and strawberry shakes for moi :eek:
Oooohh - I really like them - and the chocolate ones and the malt ones and the peanut ones. Am I weird??

I find the bars taste better if you take small bites. The smaller the bite, the more like chocolate they taste.
ok I had the chocolate one earlier and I have to say no no no to the bars!!! are they all a horrible texture, thought I would never finish it and be done with the damn thing. I am not a fan of peanut so I doubt I would like that one, what kind of texture is the cranberry ?

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