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I brought some firm tofu from the heath shop today for me and mum as we are both on or AAM week (we finish AAM week on saturday:( )

It was an impulse buy...... i know we can eat this but what do i do with it, i have never had this before and i dont even know what it looks like

any meal/prep/cooking ideas would be very helpful

Hi there

I am on AAM week too and I have been using the soft tofu by Caldron.

I have no real idea how to cook it either :confused: but have just been microwaving it for a few mins in a table spoon water, with a bit of chilli or tarragon spice to give it some flavour. Then adding afterwards my 2tble spoons of greens! :) and eating it all from one dish!

I have no idea if this is ok but it has been quite tasty!! :D never had tofu before and am really enjoying it.

If am doing it wrong sure more experienced will let me know.

I think you could skewer it too, but havent tried that.

Be interesting to read what others do.

Deb x

We (5 of us) have been vegetarians for nearly 12 months now, wish it had been sooner, we have all taken to it like a duck to water. I've cooked more fresher, tastier meals for the family than every before!
I tried tofu years ago but I must have cooked it wrong as it turned out awful, but last week I bought the silkun tofu and marinated it overnight with kikkoman teriyaki marinade (tesco by soya sauce) I then scambled it like eggs and added a few mushrooms and it was lovely.
I've bought the cauldron smoked tofu, going to try that later, I am trying to do the 790 over the weekend to get me back to SSing at the beginning of the week.