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Toilet matters

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Bit of a weird one this and I apologise in advice for TMI but I have some questions about LT and its affects on digestive movements.

My first question is do the shakes have some form of indigestable material in them?

I ask this because prior to starting lipotrim I had a last supper so to speak, about 3 days later I had a typical toilet trip. Nothing surprising there.

Despite drinking lots of water (Easily 4-5l a day) about 6 days ago I had another toilet trip that didn't involve just urinating. This was rather uncomfortable and I found blood on the toilet paper when doing as you do after using the toilet.

Seems I was constipated somehow but over the last couple of days whatever damage was done has healed but at the same time I've had to go to the loo to offload more solids for the last 3 days now. Nothing major, nor uncomfortable but as I have not eaten anything for the past 4 weeks now is this just binders or something from the shakes being excreted?

Again apologies for TMI.
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Hiya, it sounds as if ya were constipated. The next time ya go back to the chemist ask about some fibre clear. Your body is reacting to not getting the usual fibre in the body through eating the usual amount of food and its suddenly having to cope with the shock of it. The blood is probably from where ya were straining but nothing to worry about it however it depends if ya can see blood in your poo then ya have to get a test done at your local surgery to make sure there is no harm done. However i would say its just your body reacting and nothing to worry about. Its defintely not the shakes as they are only full of nutrients and nothing to affect what ya are saying.


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Hi Doorbundle,
when we take in anything by mouth, whether it's water, LT, food etc. it all has to pass along the gut.
If no solid food is taken, the gut (bowel) still does it's usual peristalsis (squirming movement, a bit like a worm or snake makes when going along)
This drags along any old bits of waste clinging to the bowel walls and also digestive juices that we make everyday. We also shed the lining of the whole gut, from the gullet (food pipe), right down to our bums, every couple of days or so. :eek: This all adds up to make up the little bits and pieces that we manage to pass while on LT! :sick0019:
Sorry about this sounding like a tutorial! Hope it's not "Too Much Information!"
It may be that you overstrained on the loo and caused the bleeding. If it happens again, I'd see your GP for a check. xx


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Wow that's very interesting Cathy I didnt know that. Presumably there's also some kind of by-product from the fat we are burning?
Also want to add- I personally don't think it's at all healthy to strain or to take laxatives if it can be avoided.
I might just be lucky but find the psyllium husks (same as fibreclear I think) really work well two in am and two at night. Atkins recommends not taking at the same time as supplements because you might not absorb as many nutrients but lots of people take at same time as their meals. It can take a few days to get in the rythm but works well and gently IMHO.
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Thanks for the input guys, and its by no means too much information. I've been fine going after that first incident but wondered just where the excreted material was coming from.

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