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Toilet Trouble

Evening All,

I am on day 6 and am having serious toilet trouble!!! meaning i cant go!!!

I havent been a hundred 100% over the weekend as i had a planned trip away. so i had 2 shakes sat and 1 yesterday followed by a roast dinner. so i thought this might make me go knowing i had eaten ok over the weekend.

but i have had trouble todfay and it has made me uncomfortable.

does anyone else have this trouble and is it going to get better. not sure how long i can feel like this!!:sigh:
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I always have that trouble. At its worst, I use Milk of Magnesia. It's the only thing that works for me, and it is fairly tame if you don't take more than called for. I've only just started Slimfast, so I'm not sure if it will make me worse or better. You have me worried now. Good luck.
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I had that problem when I used slimfast before, but luckily haven't had it as yet this time! Last time I went and got a fibre supplement from the health food shop and that really helped :)
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The supplement I had was Psyllium husks fibre 500mg, you take 2 a day.
its not gona make me like 'need to go NOW!!' is it? just 'help' me?
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No it just makes it easier to go and stops the constipation, don't worry you won't have to be running to the loo lol!
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Plus the good thing is they are natural, I hate taking chemical stuff which is probably what the doc would give you, or something you could get from the chemist. I always think it's better to try the herbal stuff first as it usually does do the trick, and it's not going to do you any harm.
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my god..u must be psychic! Ive been trying to go for the past couple of days. Im normally a bit 'blocked up' anyway, but slim fast seems to make it worse. My problem is i dont drink enough water. at work its not too bad, cos theres a water machine. at home i hardly drink a drop, and when i do its tea or coffee. I mabye give those husks a try. i take it theres no cals in them?

Linda xx
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No, no cals, although you'd best check, different makes may be different. You need to drink them with a glass of water, and make sure you do. Water is very important, especially in this diet I think. It does help with going to the toilet. Although I've always drank a lot of water and sometimes still get 'problems' lol. Although I have been a lot better of late!
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Oh I had this and then when I did go it was agony! Thankfully seems to have got better over this last week. I should practice what I preach really but, prunes/prune juice usually works well....or you can buy lactulose(syrupy stuff) from any pharmacy, only a few quid:)

Mel x


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I seem to have the opposite problem,have had "the trots" Saturday and today.Get my 1st weighin tomorrow.

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